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Amenorrhea - absence of menstruation

Amenorrhea - absence of menstruation

Amenorrhea - the absence of menstruation for 6 months or more.

Physiological amenorrhea occurs before puberty, during pregnancy, lactation and menopause.

If amenorrhea is a false normal menstrual cycle, but not its external manifestations due to violations of the outflow of menstrual blood as a result of malformations of genital organs (eg, the absence of the vagina or cervix, the hole in the hymen, and others), as well as acquired imperforate cervical canal uterus, vagina, etc.

If true pathologic amenorrhea no cyclic changes in the hypothalamic - pituitary - ovaries - uterus and in the woman's body. True pathological amenorrhea is associated with disorders of the reproductive system from exposure to ionizing radiation on the body, infections, stress, hunger, etc. There is also in genetic disorders, diseases of the central nervous and endocrine systems, congenital absence of uterus and endometrium is damaged, sometimes with long-term treatment of cytotoxic drugs .

There are primary pathological amenorrhea if menstruation was never in my life, and a secondary, if in the past was at least one menstrual period. Basically, amenorrhea accompanied by infertility, disorders of psycho-emotional areas, reduced sexual function. A sense of inferiority in sexual relationships, depression, mental suffering cause depression, decreased disability and increased risk of cardiovascular, endocrine, psychiatric and other disorders of child-bearing age women.

When amenorrhea requires a special survey for targeted treatment and rehabilitation.

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