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Blepharitis, treatment of blepharitis

Blepharitis, treatment of blepharitis

Blepharitis is an inflammation of the lid margin. Contribute to the emergence of blepharitis weakening the body's defenses during prolonged inflammatory diseases, chronic infections, chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Of great importance are sanitary and hygienic conditions of the patient, lack of vitamins in the diet, diseases of the eye and eyelids, lacrimal organs, the paranasal sinuses. Blepharitis often occur in patients with diabetes mellitus.

Blepharitis is almost always take a chronic course and continue for many years. Patients having itchy eyelids, redness of the edges of the eyelids, foreign body sensation in the eye. Lid margin thickening, around the eyes can gather frothy or purulent contents.

  • Blepharitis are
  • Scale
  • ulcerative
  • angular
  • meybomievy
  • demodikoznye.

Scaly blepharitis is also called seborrhea. At the same except for the thickening, redness of the eyelids, itching, narrowing of the palpebral fissure appeared, photophobia, and gray, white or yellowish scales at the base of the eyelashes, resembling dandruff. Under the scales dramatically reddened skin may be visible blood vessels. Itching in this form of blepharitis is very strong and painful. Increased eye sensitivity to light, dust and wind. By evening, her eyes very tired. If untreated, squamous blepharitis can last very long.

Ulcerative blepharitis. Ulcerative blepharitis is the most severe and persistent inflammatory disease of the edges of the eyelids. More likely to develop in students and young adults. Complaints of patients similar to the complaints of patients with scaly blepharitis, but the pain is usually more pronounced. Instead of scales on the edges of the eyelids with eyelashes are brown, beneath which there are sores, sometimes because of them is blood. Often with crusts removed the eyelashes, and out of their beds allocated pus. After removal of the eyelashes, the further growth of the eyelashes may be wrong, there is a lack of trichiasis or sections of eyelashes (alopecia). Sometimes develop scarring processes or volvulus century. Later the inflammatory process may spread to the lid margin at the conjunctiva, cornea.

Angular blepharitis. Angular or angular blepharitis is characterized by inflammation of the optic fissure in the corners. In the corners of his eyes sparkling stored contents. The eyelids become thickened around the eyes, they are cracks, sores. Often, this disease occurs in adolescents.

Meybomit blepharitis. In the inflammatory process involved meybomievy glands, which are thicker cartilage century. From the ducts of the glands under pressure stands out yellowish white contents. The eyelids are thickened, they formed a grayish-yellow crusts. In the corners of the eye builds up foamy-purulent contents. Often accompanied by conjunctivitis meybomit blepharitis.

Demodikozny blepharitis. Demodikozny blepharitis causes mite Demodex, who lives in the bulbs of the eyelashes. This person gets a tick from birds or their down and feathers, which are in the bedding, clothing, etc.

The treatment of blepharitis.

Treatment of blepharitis begins with hygiene measures. Be sure to carry out treatment of diseases of the body that produce and downstream of blepharitis.

Appointed toilet lids. Remove scales and crusts, the eyelids treated with antiseptic solutions. Apply ointments containing antibiotics and vitamins. In the cavity of the conjunctiva instilled solutions of novocaine, albutsid.

When the angular blepharitis, which is caused by diplobatsilloy Moraksa-Aksenfelda, apply zinc ointment and zinc solutions.

When demodikosis blepharitis appointed ihtiolovaya sulfuric or ointment.

When meybomievom blepharitis is sometimes necessary surgical treatment. Eyelid, and dissect scrape content meybomievyh glands.

Surgical treatment is performed and when complications arise blepharitis: scars, twisting century, trichiasis. In this case, the plastic surgery.

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