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Personality characteristics of patients with anxiety disorders

Patients with anxiety disorders characterized by such features as:
  • anxiety
  • indecision
  • feeling of inferiority
  • hypersensitivity to external estimates, leading to disturbances in interpersonal relationships, and constraints of contacts.

Timidity (fear of darkness and loneliness, avoiding fights and noisy showdown) notes from an early age. As partners often choose younger persons with whom they feel more confident. Especially noticeable manifestations of anxiety, fear and avoidance of disapproval upon entry into adult life.

The business situation for fear of disapproval from the authorities, they often do not dare to do on my own, avoid responsibility, did not show activity required for promotion. In the extreme cases, these individuals may unexpectedly detect unusual for its earlier determination and courage.

In everyday life, what distinguishes them is developed sense of duty and conscientious with a penchant for heightened sensitivity, the capacity for sympathy and compassion. Relationships with others are largely determined by the submission of their own inferiority and the superiority of others. Difficulties in intimate relationships may be due to a feeling of inferiority, fear of reproach or ridicule by an intimate partner.

They are also characterized by pedantry, perfectionism, "zanudlivost." In everyday life, they tend to avoid violations of the usual stereotype, betraying the values of all kinds of signs, performing rituals to prevent.

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