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Treatment of chronic bronchitis

Treatment of chronic bronchitis

With treatment, more appropriate tactic is aimed primarily at eliminating airway obstruction, the normalization of the functions of external respiration, elimination of hypoxia, the development of measures to prevent further exacerbations and reduce the impact of risk factors.

Thus, treatment should primarily be aimed at increasing bronchial secretions decrease, and normalization of sputum discharge, reduction of inflammatory changes in the airway and, if necessary, adequate antibiotic therapy.

The basis of treatment of chronic bronchitis should be based on the following principles:
And the doctor and the patient should treat chronic bronchitis as a serious and dangerous development of severe irreversible complications, disease.
Therapy should be individualized, ie, its volume and intensity depend on the stage and phase of the disease in each patient.
Treatment should be gradual and complex.

Bronchodilators - the basis of symptomatic treatment, they may be appointed as the on-demand, to reduce the severity of symptoms in a stable condition and deterioration, and regularly for preventive purposes and to reduce the severity of symptoms. Inhaled therapy is preferred in exacerbation demonstrates the use of nebulizers, increasing the flow of drugs into the airways. The choice of drug depends on the availability and the patient's response to the drug, although the means are considered first-line m-anticholinergics because of the nature of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics. Long-acting bronchodilators are more suitable for regular use, and the combination of drugs can increase efficiency and reduce the risk of side effects compared to increasing doses of a drug.

Anticholinergics considered first-line drugs for the treatment of HOB.Effekt anticholinergic drugs is mediated through stimulation of muscarinic receptors. The most widely used ipratropium bromide (Atrovent). The advantage of the drug is its safety, which is associated with low absorbability of the mucous membranes. Rare side effects of ipratropium bromide are dry mouth and metallic taste. Anticholinergic drugs reduce tissue oxygen consumption and increase physical capacity of patients, improve sleep quality in patients.

For the treatment of chronic bronchitis are also used

  • Beta-adrenoceptor agonists
  • Methylxanthines
  • Glucocorticoids
  • Mucolytic agents
  • Antibiotics

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