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The causes of brain tumors

The causes of brain tumors

The exact causes of cancer are currently remain unknown. At the same time, scientists call the various risk factors for brain tumors.

Among them:

Race. The most common brain tumors occur in people of European race. The only exception is a tumor, a meningioma, which is more common in individuals Negroid race.

Age. The risk of brain cancer gets higher with age. Most brain tumors occur in people older than 45 years. However, despite this, these tumors can occur at any age. For example, a tumor, a medulloblastoma, occurs very often in childhood.
Exposure to radiation. People who have been exposed to radiation, the risk of developing cancer of the brain above. Examples of such exposure may be radiation therapy for tumors, or after the atomic bombings. At the present time, in the periodical literature often point to the fact that radio cell phones for long-term exposure can affect the risk of brain tumors, but the final data on this.

Chemical agents. It is now believed that the people whose work involves the production of certain chemical agents that may be at increased risk of brain tumors.

Family predraspolozhennost.Esli with your close relatives had a brain tumor, the risk that the tumor will have you high.

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