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Scleroderma - a chronic disease characterized by the development of local or generalized fibrosis of the skin, underlying tissues and visceral organs.

Distinguish between focal and systemic scleroderma.

Localized scleroderma is divided into
  • plaque
  • linear
  • deep subcutaneous nodosum.

Plaque form of scleroderma characterized by the appearance of one or multiple foci of whitish color with purple rim at the periphery. Spots could grow, thicken, or dissolve, leaving skin atrophy, the underlying tissues, usually are not changed.

In the linear form scklerodermy pockets are located on the extremities in the course of neurovascular bundle and can spread into the interior, affecting the subcutaneous tissue, muscles and bones, and leaving parts of lipodystrophy, amyotrophy, dysplasia of the affected limb. When the focus is localized Scleroderma diabetes on the scalp and gradually spreads to the skin of the forehead, back of the nose, they talk about MDA Scleroderma type "saber." This form is difficult to distinguish from the facial trofonevroza - hemiatrophy person Romberg.

In the deep subcutaneous nodular form of scleroderma foci localized mostly on the thighs and buttocks, the skin over them is not changed or has the appearance of "orange peel", which indicates the involvement of the muscle fascia. Observed changes in the deep muscular fascia of the forearm and lower leg, which causes the development of flexion contractures.

Systemic scleroderma - a progressive disease with a characteristic induration of the skin, vasospastic reactions psivdoartritami, akroosteolizom and the possible development of calcifications and several vistseritov. Vistseritov of the most characteristic esophagitis, in the form of diffuse enlargement of the esophagus with narrowing of the lower part and the weakening of peristalsis, duodenitis, malabsorption syndrome, and diffuse basal pulmonary fibrosis, cardio macrofocal, sklerodermicheskaya nephropathy.

Scleroderma therapy should pursue the following objectives: the elimination of systemic and local inflammation, normalization of microcirculation, reduction of fibrosis processes, restoration of disturbed functions.

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