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Schizoid - pathologically confined person

Schizoid - basic features:
  • inrovertirovannost (turning towards the sphere of inner experience) with a trend to a lifestyle-oriented self-sufficiency and to establish formal contacts with the surrounding
  • schizoid is not mixed with the medium, always maintained a barrier between him and the others
  • From early childhood he preferred solitary pursuits
  • rapid brain development is combined with a lag in the motor sphere, characterized by unnaturalness, angularity and uniformity of motor skills.

However, there are individuals with highly developed manual skills.

Schizoid features are the outward manifestation:
  • limited set of standard facial expressions
  • the conversation is as if one-note
  • styled clothing - or accented sophistication or intentional negligence.

Schizoid temperament manifest failure and emotional disharmony, manifesting the various relationships between the increased sensitivity, or coldness.

In early schizoid individuals reveals a tendency to unconventional thinking. Most of them are adapted to real life, restricting it to a narrow circle of professional problems, and may yet find a complete helplessness in everyday matters.

Most are adapted expansive schizoid pole, which have high capacity for work, leading to professional success. Among this group - a steep face character, tyrants, dry pragmatists with characteristic dogmatism and categorically in his judgments. In a conflict situation may experience anger, and other unexpected behavior.

Sensitive schizoid - a person with "super soft" organization (modest, dreamy, morbidly proud, subtle and deep feeling), and sharply limited number of strong attachments

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