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Kartagener syndrome

Kartagener syndrome

Kartagener's syndrome - congenital defect combined characterized by a triad of symptoms:

  • the opposite location of light
  • chronic bronchopulmonary process
  • pathology of the paranasal sinuses (hypoplasia or chronic sinusitis).

Syndrome reverse arrangement of light is always combined with dextrocardia, and sometimes the reverse arrangement of the abdominal cavity. The reverse arrangement of internal organs is often associated with the violation of mucociliary clearance due to congenital disorders of motor function of ciliated airway epithelia.

Frequent respiratory infections, recurrent bronchitis, pneumonia since the first months of life. Early development of chronic bronchitis and pneumonia with the development of bronchiectasis and symptoms of bronchiectasis (lag in physical development, intoxication symptoms, cough with purulent sputum, deformation of terminal phalanges of the type of drum sticks and nails in the form of watch crystals).

Percussion and auscultatory determined dextrocardia. In the lungs, predominantly in the lower regions, mostly on the right are heard mixed wet and dry rales. Periods of exacerbation accompanied by fever, deterioration of general condition and the growth of toxic symptoms.

Nasal breathing is difficult, there are purulent nasal discharge. Often there are recurrent or chronic sinusitis, otitis media, polyposis of the nasal mucosa and sinuses.

The prognosis depends on the nature, incidence of bronchopulmonary process, the frequency of exacerbations, severity of disease. With the proper treatment of the systematic and regular rehabilitation prognosis relatively favorable.

The main method of treatment is conservative Kartagener syndrome therapy aimed at eliminating or reducing the activity of inflammation in the bronchi and lungs, improved drainage and ventilation function

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