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Treatment of cystic fibrosis

Treatment of cystic fibrosis

With early diagnosis and treatment of existing therapeutic measures will undoubtedly lead to improved prognosis of the disease.

Diet therapy involves restriction of fat with a simultaneous appointment of fat-soluble vitamins and increase protein intake to 2-5 g per 1 kg. When the enzymatic pancreatic insufficiency requires replacement therapy pancreatin, panzinorm fort festalom.

Are the most important therapeutic measures aimed at the prevention and elimination of the pathological process in the bronchopulmonary system. This is achieved by improving the drainage function of bronchi by means of aerosol inhalation 2% sodium carbonate solution and 3 ° / o sodium chloride in combination with mucolytic agents. Latest liquefy viscous secretions contribute. The most effective mucolytics is 10% acetylcysteine for intramuscular injection (20-30 mg / kg per day), used by infants and preschool-age courses for 10 - 14 days. Promising use of drugs for oral administration of acetylcysteine.

Aerosol inhalation combined with breathing exercises, massage, vibration, postural drainage, therapeutic bronchoscopy. According to the testimony used broncho-expanding tools.

For the elimination of bronchopulmonary infection in exacerbation have been successfully used broad-spectrum antibiotics. In order to prevent drug allergies or in patients with Asthmatoid forms of the disease it is advisable the appointment of desensitizing therapy (calcium, aspirin, antihistamines).

With limited possible surgical treatment of bronchiectasis.

The prognosis of cystic fibrosis remains serious. It is believed that the more favorable prognosis than later, there are signs of the disease. Early detection and timely initiation of treatment of children and adolescents with cystic fibrosis, can prevent the depletion of (depending on the failure of the pancreas), the progression of bronchopulmonary lesions and respiratory failure, helping to reduce mortality.

Prevention of cystic fibrosis is extremely difficult due to the lack of reliable criteria for the diagnosis of heterozygous carriers of the abnormal gene.

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