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Treatment of vascular diseases of the lower extremities

Changes in lifestyle
In the early stages of the disease can try to improve the condition of the arteries. Read more at our dedicated prevention of atherosclerosis.


Usually, the doctor prescribes drugs that reduce blood cholesterol levels, as well as lowering blood pressure. In addition, apply-lowering drugs and blood clotting, thus reducing the risk of blood clots.

Dosed walking

A quiet walk and exercise for 30 minutes three times a week can improve symptoms.
Surgical techniques
There are several types of surgery, and depending on the size and stage of disease, as well as the patient's general condition shall apply those or other methods of surgical interventions.


Bypass surgery is to create a shunt to bypass the affected places. This usually applies plot saphenous vein leg. Depending on the surgery of aorto-femoral distinguish and femoral-popliteal bypass surgery. Smaller vessels are not subject to bypass. In addition, there is a kind of bypass surgery, as vneanatomicheskoe bypass surgery. To him belongs axillofemoral bypass, that is created when the shunt field of the axillary artery to the femur. This need arises from the shunt with severe comorbidities or have undergone several operations on abdominal organs, or after removal of the infected aortic prosthesis.


The method consists in removing the inner wall of the diseased artery with atherosclerotic plaque. In this case the artery is freed and restored normal blood flow.

Angioplasty and stenting

This is a modern treatment of blood vessels. The method of angioplasty is that the artery entered a special catheter with inflated balloon on the end. In summing up to the isthmus balloon is inflated and the artery expands. In order to effect this operation lasted longer, this operation is combined with a stent - a wire cylindrical structure that serves to frame the vessel wall. This operation is called stenting.


This method is used in emergency cases, especially with the rapid development of gangrene (tissue necrosis caused by blockage of the arteries). When the execution of reconstructive surgery on the legs too late. This is like a cry of despair. Amputation in some cases may not only save the life of the patient, but also promote the rehabilitation of the patient. Approximately 50% of amputations account for cases complicated by diabetes.

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