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Respiratory failure for obesity

Respiratory failure for obesity

Violation of respiratory function

People who are obese are often observed: respiratory dysfunction syndrome caused by obesity hypoventilation (inadequate potokavozduha through the lungs) obstructive sleep apnea (asphyxia) during sleep. However, it is not carried out epidemiological studies that have been systematically analyzed the prevalence and nature of diseases of the respiratory system in people suffering from obesity.

Obesity, especially abdominal obesity (intraabdominal) can mechanically obstruct the lungs. The presence of excess fat in the chest wall or intrathoracic space reduces the chance of cracking the lungs completely, creating the need for enhanced breathing, leads to a restriction (reduced vital capacity, forced vital capacity and maximum ventilation) impairs lung ventilation until the occurrence of atelectasis (airless sections) .

Hypoventilation syndrome obesity

In patients with hypoventilation syndrome (low ventilation) due to obesity was portioned CO2 pressure> 50 mm Hg. of Art. because of such patients decreased sensitivity to the higher content of carbon dioxide and / or lack of oxygen, in addition, the respiratory muscles can not perform the necessary work by increasing the need for mechanical ventilation due to limitations in the form of adipose tissue. Ventilation lung alveoli is reduced due to the superficial and ineffective breathing, reduced the total amount of inhalation and exhalation, there is the strong breath and lifted the diaphragm.

In the supine symptoms increase, because the diaphragm acts intra-abdominal pressure, which in turn leads to an increase in intrathoracic pressure and respiratory volume changes and deterioration of lung function. Severe form of the syndrome known as syndrome Pickwick (named after the character works of Charles Dickens), and includes a heavy degree of obesity violation of the respiratory rhythm (irregular) secondary polycythemia drowsiness cyanosis dysfunction of the right ventricle of the heart.

Obstructive sleep apnea

This syndrome, which is characterized by episodes of choking or shortness of breath very during sleep, resulting from the partial or total disruption of the airway while maintaining normal respiratory movements. Interruption of nocturnal sleep and reduced oxygen levels in the blood cause daytime sleepiness and dysfunction of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Apnea (asphyxia) during sleep often occurs in patients with a body mass index (BMI)> 30 kg/m2, abdominal (intra-) type of obesity. Moreover, the increase in waist circumference at the age of 30 years is in itself a risk factor for sleep apnea in the elderly. However, sleep apnea occurs in lean patients, which indicates the presence of other risk factors such as abnormal size of the skull, etc.

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