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Quitting smoking with hypertension

Quitting smoking with hypertension

How smoking affects the risk of heart disease

Have you ever considered the fact that smoking and heart disease linked? Either the connection between smoking and high blood pressure? Most people know that there is a link between smoking and respiratory diseases and lung cancer. But do you know about the relationship of smoking and blood pressure?

In the U.S., estimated that about 30% of deaths of diseases of the cardiovascular system was svyazano with smoking tobacco. This is due to the fact that smoking - the main cause of coronary heart disease, which is reflected in the narrowing of the coronary arteries feeding the heart. This is especially true for young people.

The risk of myocardial infarction increased with smoking intensity, and the more cigarettes a day do you smoke, the higher the risk. For example, if a person smokes a pack of cigarettes a day, the risk of heart disease is increased three-fold. Women who smoke, who are taking oral contraceptives at the same time, also at high risk of heart disease, stroke and peripheral arterial disease.

How does smoking affect the risk of heart disease

Nicotine, which is present in tobacco causes:
  • Reduces the level of oxygen in the tissue of the heart,
  • It increases blood pressure and heart rate,
  • Increases blood clotting,
  • Destroys the cells of the coronary arteries and other blood vessels.

How does quitting smoking
  • Prolongs life.
  • Reduces the risk of disease (including heart disease, heart attacks, hypertension, lung cancer, throat, ulcers, gum disease, etc.).
  • Makes you feel good. Quitting smoking reduces the cough, which is typical for smokers, increased stamina, decreased shortness of breath.
  • It improves the appearance. Smoking causes the early appearance of wrinkles on the face, yellowing teeth and worse skin color.
  • Improves sense of taste and smell.

How to Quit Smoking

First of all, let's say that there is no universal way to quit smoking, which would be effective in all the same. First, it is important to be attuned to the cast smoking emotionally and psychologically. Remember, this addiction you have elaborated, perhaps for years, so just throw it in a few days it will be difficult. There are many smoking cessation programs, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, and some, frankly, are completely ineffective.

Where to start

Assign the date of quitting smoking. This will facilitate the process of quitting, as will give you a plan, which you can stick to. Write down on paper the reasons for which, as you see, is to quit smoking. Re-read it before you quit and after being thrown.

Here are some tips to help you faster and easier to quit smoking:
  • Write down on paper, when you smoke, why, that is what it is connected, and what you are doing at the time how to smoke. So you can find a reason that pushes you to pick up a cigarette.
  • Stop smoking in certain situations (for example, during a break in the afternoon).
  • Make a list of things you can do instead of smoking.

But to give up smoking - it's not all. It is important not to start smoking again. What you need to do?

Do not carry any attributes of smoking: matches, lighters, and even more packs of cigarettes.

If you live or work with a smoker, ask him to not smoke at you.

Do not think about what you lose with the rejection of smoking (and really, you have nothing to lose). Think about what you get, giving up smoking.

If you strongly desire to smoke, try to breathe deeply. Hold your breath for 10 seconds and exhale slowly. Repeat this several times a day until desire to smoke will not pass.

Let your hands always be busy with something (computer keyboard, a toy, a pencil, etc.).

Change the activity that was associated with smoking. Take a walk or read a book instead of thinking about smoking.

Try to avoid places where smoking.

Do not try to replace cigarettes with sweets (like candy). Try in this case is low-calorie foods (sugar-free chewing gum, etc.).

Drink plenty of fluids, but limit your consumption of alcohol and drinks rich in caffeine.

Feelings after you quit smoking

For the first time, you only will what to think about cigarettes, how it would be nice now to smoke, inhale tobacco smoke and ash dump. How is the "calm the nerves," etc. However, remember that smoking - a habit for the most part it was to the procedure itself. That is, people get used to the fact that during the break, he pulls out a pack of your favorite cigarettes, lighter and stylish produces smoke rings. The fact that smoking is primarily associated with the action of only one substance on the nervous system - nicotine - and we do not think.

At the same time, break the habit of nicotine is much easier than from the smoking process. In most cases, "calms the nerves," it is the process of holding a cigarette in his mouth, but not nicotine.

That is why in many programs of smoking cessation nicotine patches are applied. The principle is that the person does not deprive all at once but gradually. The hardest thing in this case - it is to abandon the habit of smoking itself, and not from nicotine. A quit smoking, you can gradually reduce the dose of nicotine.

Giving up smoking for the first time can be accompanied by increased irritability, increased cough (this is the body "self-cleaning"), a feeling of hunger, the appearance of headaches and difficulty concentrating. This is to reduce these symptoms and nicotine patches are applied. Once again mention the fact that out of the habit of nicotine in the latter, after you quit smoking, it will be easier.

To make it easier to transfer these symptoms that will bother you in the first 2 weeks, try to keep myself under control. Always remember the reason why you quit smoking, you will get from it. Try to notice all the smallest positive aspects associated with smoking cessation.

Remember that these phenomena - only temporary. They will last an average of 2 weeks. Think and that to cope with these symptoms quitting smoking is much easier than curing the disease triggered by smoking (it is heart disease, lung cancer, larynx, etc.).

And more. Remember that you have been smoking is associated with certain emotional situations, both negative and positive. Therefore, it is important to go through the same situation, can do without cigarettes.

It may also happen that after all, you do not soak and smoke. About 75% of people trying to quit, frustrated. But it's not scary. Most importantly, an attempt was made, so now you know what triggered the failure, and will try to avoid mistakes. Remember that most people who quit smoking, do not do it on the first try. Be persistent!

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