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Diet for a stomach ulcer

Diet for a stomach ulcer

Ulcer - a disease of the stomach or duodenal ulcer 12, when their normal mucosa formed defects, gradually deepening into an ulcer. Man with the start harass sharp paroxysmal pains occurring 2-4 hours after meals or on an empty stomach late at night. Eating brings relief, but full of pain does not remove. Also joining heartburn, regurgitation, vomiting, nausea, and constipation.

Most doctors agree that the formation of ulcers blame bacteria Helicobacter pylori, a vital activity leads to increased gastric acidity, and its impact on aggressive mucosa. A released by the stomach to protect the mucus does not help, because it stands out from bad to worse, because food is suffering because of a stomach muscle spasm and vessels with the constant stress. In addition to nervous tension, this result can cause pancreatitis, an unhealthy diet, smoking and alcohol abuse, prolonged use of certain drugs.

Unfortunately, the disease keeps coming back, giving an exacerbation, often in the spring and summer, so the ulcer heals over time, more and more difficult, severely altering the lives of its victims. In such a serious situation is very important to adhere to the prescribed ulcer diet, because of its acute and often arise from violations of the food - big breaks between meals, irregular, eating dry rations, misuse of spicy dishes. Plays an important role smoking and drinking, which cause direct damage to the mucous membrane, reducing its barrier function.

Diet for ulcer formed depending on the stage of disease. In the first stage of the diet is the most rigorous. For the first 5-7 days of the diet excludes all food substances that excite the stomach. Food was given 6-8 times a day only in liquid and semisolid form nedosolennuyu, steamed or boiled. All dishes are carefully wiped.

The optimal diet for ulcer diet is like this: a lot of milk (whole, condensed, cream), butter, jelly, sweet varieties of pureed berries and fruit, jelly from fruit juice, or soft-boiled eggs in the form of steam omelets, mashed milk porridge, slimy soup from semolina, rice or cereal with milk, cream or butter, steam souffle of low-fat varieties of beef, veal, pork, rabbit, chicken, turkey, walleye or pike, pureed vegetables. As for drinks - liquor rose, sweet fruit and berry juices, diluted in two cereal mucous broths.

It is essential that the temperature of the food was close to body temperature (36-38 degrees), it should take in the same hours, with no major breaks (no more than 4 hours). Try to eat slowly, chewing food thoroughly. All other products and dishes, as well as all types of bread and bakery products, are completely excluded. This is especially true for vegetables with coarse fiber, such as radish, radish, hot spices, very fatty foods. It is impossible products that cause increased formation of acid in the stomach - alcohol, coffee, pepper. Thus, one must hold for about a week later, during the transition stage of the disease in the wound, when the pains are not as sharp, and after a meal almost entirely disappear, the diet should be more valuable.

Can be dried bread and biscuits, soups of pureed vegetables and cereals from pureed. Meat, poultry, fish must be low-fat varieties, steam or boiled. Dairy products - milk, cream, sour kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese. Expanding range of vegetables - potatoes, carrots, beets, cauliflower. Cereals are allowed almost everything - semolina, rice, buckwheat, oats. Sweet berries and fruits are in shabby, boiled and baked.

And for a long time, if not all, have to give up any of rye and fresh bread, pastry products, meat and fish broth, soup, borscht, vegetable broths strong, fatty meats, poultry, fish, salted fish, canned goods, dairy products high acidity, wheat, barley, barley and maize grains, beans, cabbage, radishes, sorrel, onions, cucumbers, salted, pickled and marinated vegetables, mushrooms, acid, and fiber-rich fruits and berries. For someone who once suffered an attack of ulcers, remembers it and does not want to repeat it, such deprivation will not seem redundant.

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