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Overweight children and complexes

Overweight children and complexes, Baby facilities in obesity

Overweight, not to mention obesity, except for the negative physical consequences, gives his victims more numerous and psychological complexes. And if adults are somehow trying to deal with them and compensate for, the children's complexes with excess weight can cause real suffering of the child.

Unfortunately, there are children's complexes only by adults - when they begin to compare children with each other and give each different estimates. And if the parents try to shield it from her child, then, falling into a rigid social environment in schools and kindergartens, sooner or later they learn that they are not so good and beautiful, and gradually realize that they are - derelicts, and only because of that the thickness of the surrounding.

The worst is, of course, school childhood, when my classmates, not stopping at nothing to continually hit the weak points of their fat peers, feeling so superior. No less dangerous to the attitudes of parents, when often in disguised form, constantly emphasizes the physical disability of the child, which may lead to more serious problems with self-doubt and communicate with others.

Needless to say about the education of our society, which in any place you can hear thrown in the back, openly mocking remarks about the proportions of the figure. The true test is an ordinary shopping trip, when the sellers looking with pity on the child, saying that the clothes of that size is rare. The same attitude is waiting, especially full of adolescents, a hairdresser, a beautician and many other places.

It turns out that the best are worth only slim counterparts, they are, by definition, smarter and more beautiful and thick to be ashamed of them suffer from the pangs of assumed and ridicule. As a result, accumulated at the tender age of children's complexes because of excess weight, and they are an adult shy to be themselves and live as freely and easily, as the others. Rejection and misunderstanding - that's what scares the child and leads to children's complex with excess weight. The main is to avoid situations where their completeness will be visible to others.

As a result, they turn in on themselves, trying to suppress the growing anxiety about their well-known methods: the adoption of another portion of food, or some activity, such as computer games. All this, of course, does not lead to weight loss, but just the opposite. Children are fatter, more and more, in addition, become dependent on sedentary entertainment. A vicious circle, to break that, unfortunately, very difficult.

But children especially want to be the best, believe that only defines the appearance of their life and are ready for everything to be harmonious, beautiful and athletic. And the first task of adults surrounding the child is to do everything possible to cure their child, because obesity has long been recognized as a disease that requires complex treatment of a good and thorough doctor. But it is very important, along with medical interventions, to carry out disposal of accumulated childhood complexes with excess weight.

Parents need to talk more with their children, share their problems and experiences. They were the first to show an example of a healthy lifestyle, giving up both smoking and alcohol, and from hamburgers and candy bars, greeting consumption of fruits, vegetables and lean meats, and thus giving their children a chance for the future to be perfectly healthy. The child should firmly know that, despite the problems he had, he - the unique identity, which is also available for mental and physical development and that any achievements on the shoulder. And different from the others - it is a prerequisite for Persons with a capital letter!

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