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Among the available methods for diagnosis of tumors of the brain can also allocate a few more. This pneumography - X-ray examination, which is used as a contrast of the air, and angiography - x-ray of blood vessels. In addition, there is also an ultrasonic method for studying the brain as neurosonography.

Pneumography (her species: pneumoencephalography and pnevmoventrikulografiya). This method consists in introducing into the cavity of the brain ventricles of air as a contrast agent. If they have three-dimensional formation (swelling), then pneumogram marked change in the position, shape and size of cerebral ventricles and subarachnoid spaces. These changes depend on the location, size, histological structure and direction of tumor growth.

Angiography - a radiological diagnostic method, which consists in the fact that the vessel entered the contrast agent, and thereafter the picture. In the presence of tumors in the brain, an important feature will be the displacement of the vessels and their main branches, which are caused by the tumor itself. In addition, the counts and the appearance of newly formed blood vessels that occur in the tumor itself. Angiography helps to quickly and accurately establish the location of the tumor in the brain, and in some cases and to determine the histologic type of tumor.

Neurosonography. This ultrasound method for diagnosing tumors in infants under 1 year. As already noted, ultrasound does not pass through the skull, but in infants under 1 year are between the physiological enlargement of the skull bones in their places of connection - springs. Through these springs and passes ultrasound. It allows you to identify the volume of education in the brain, as well as the displacement of its structures.

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