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Neuropathic pain in breast cancer

Neuropathic pain in breast cancer

Breast cancer can cause neuropathic (nerve) pain, to grow into nerve tissue, or squeezing. Metastases can grow into the central nervous system - brain or spinal cord, or pinch the nerve roots as they exit the spinal column. The spread of cancer cells through the lymphatic pathways can also lead to nerve damage.

Also cause neuropathic pain, and surgery, as this soft tissue is cut and stretched. In addition, the postoperative scar may also compress the nerve fibers.

Most effectively with the combined help to cope with pain medication. First, steroids are usually prescribed to relieve swelling and compression of the nerve. Further, the irradiation of the tumor site, resulting in it decreases.

In mild to moderate pain, nervous nature of anti-inflammatory drugs may help. In considerable pain using opiates.

In some cases, when the pain is localized somewhere in a certain place and it is moderately expressed, can sometimes help to transcutaneous electrical nerve. The meaning of this procedure is that while there are electrical impulses that seemed to cover the "pain" nerve impulses.

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