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Secure diet

Secure diet

The need is not only effective but also safe diets, there is no accident. And the first sounded the alarm doctors - the fact that many diets are far from the norms of proper nutrition for a healthy adult, and especially not the man. Their imbalance, scarcity useful nutrients causes the body loses its life-critical elements, and begins to suffer from metabolic disorders.

Creators of the many ways food that is difficult to attribute to a safe diet, try to compensate for this lack of short duration of their application, which also has its downsides - such as short-term effect and rapid return of extra weight over time. If we are talking about a competent safe diet that allows you to lose no more than a pound laid in a week, but for a long time and keep the achieved results, it, of course, no need to keep a week or two, but much longer, and it should be more close to norms of a healthy diet.

It is clear that pretty women want to return as soon as possible outlines of a girl's figure and lovely appearance, but to lose because of that health can not be, so take it a rule that a diet the first thing should be safe.

First, if you suffer from any ailment, the safest diet need to be agreed with the doctor that did not happen exacerbation or deterioration of the flow. For example, if you have kidney disease, a diet with plenty of protein will lead to the fact that the body can not cope with their work. Digestive problems should not be provoked by a diet of raw and cooked vegetables. A high level of cholesterol in the diet with lots of fat, only to grow further. And in a frank sit down strike is not necessary, as they try to make some young, but not very clever girl - if the number of calories will be lower than the physiological minimum, will suffer some very important organs - the loss of water, muscle mass, reduce bone mass, not fat loss with which you can not wait to leave. Therefore, safe diet should provide you with the minimum necessary calories to optimally flowed all life processes.

Next time choose a safe diet - the number it of essential nutrients, ie proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Amount of protein in the diet should not be less than 20-30 grams a day, so as not to suffer its own proteins, especially blood, liver, heart, muscle and brain, Fats should also do, though in much smaller quantities, they are also necessary for the exchange substances, so please - 10-30 grams per day. And another important indicator - the number of carbohydrates. It must be greater than 80 g per day. Lower values ​​can cause the phenomenon of hypoglycemia manifested syncope, in milder cases - dizziness and weakness.

In addition, the lack of carbohydrates in the diet appears fatigue, decreased mood, until the development of depressive and neurotic states, increased degradation of the protein, and, above all, cell protein, corresponding, in particular, for the formation and maintenance of immunity, so that the complete loss and many colds you provided. But the calorie deficit still has to be gone to the splitting of the accumulated fat.

Safe diet for this purpose will provide calorie reduction by 500-600 calories less than the required value of a healthy person. You can go the other way, increasing caloric expenditure through physical activity. Hour moderate intensity aerobic exercise increases the intake of 300-400 kcal, whereas calorie diet, you can leave and higher. So the safest diet is the next - with a reduced calorie 200-300 calories below your standards, with the addition of two or three workouts per week, which will increase the calories by 100-200 calories a day.

With a lack of muscle mass to try it in a sensible increase, which will have 50-100 calories per day of additional flow in the presence of chronic diseases to consult with your doctor, take medication, choose the right multivitamin complex specifically for you - this will allow you to overclock the basal metabolic rate by another 50 - 100 kcal. All this and provide the necessary scarcity in the diet for 500-600 calories, but totally non-aggressive ways, preserving health, and at the same time providing a loss of 300-500 g body weight.

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