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Drug treatment of obesity

Drug treatment of obesity

The increasing interest in the drug treatment of obesity due to the fact that it is difficult for a long time to keep a healthy weight, although drug treatment can help in this, not all patients. According to the scientific literature can be derived seven major provisions of the use of medicines for the treatment of obesity.

1). The biggest problem in the treatment of obesity is the ability to quickly re-weight gain after stopping treatment. In this regard, one of the main objectives of pharmacotherapy is to maintain a healthy weight for a long time. That is, drug therapy is not used in order to achieve short-term effect, since patients who are well "responsible" for drugs, after the termination of their admission re-gaining weight. Pharmacotherapy is effective only in long-term if not lifelong, medication.

2). The need for long-term use of drugs in obesity determines the importance of a thorough analysis of long-term risk factors for obesity, the favorable impact of pharmacotherapy on body weight and obesity related diseases over the side effects and costs. To conduct this analysis is difficult because there was no longer than 2 years, randomized controlled studies that have evaluated the effectiveness of any current medications proposed for treating obesity.

3). For some patients, drug therapy is ineffective. If the patient is not "responsible" for drugs used to treat obesity, for 4 weeks, treatment success is unlikely, and should discuss the prospects for further treatment.

4). Medicines contribute to a well-defined weight loss rate is usually aligned to the sixth month of treatment. As compared with placebo (treatment pills containing no medication, in patients who believe that they are taking medication that reduces the weight), and start achieving the level of the plateau (constant weight) in the process of weight loss a few delayed. Once again, weight gain starts after approximately one year of treatment, despite continuing medication. These data demonstrate that drug treatment alone can not provide a long lasting effect with respect to maintain optimal weight, which is apparently due to a decrease in efficacy with long-term treatment, or with the progression of obesity as a disease, or both, and others.

5). Pharmacotherapy is not a proper "treatment" of obesity, today's drugs have clinical significance, but rather a moderate efficacy in reducing body weight and influence for obesity-related diseases. At the end of the first year of treatment, using the most modern drugs, body weight is reduced by several percent, while the number of patients achieving clinically significant weight loss is small.

6). Judge the effectiveness of drugs is difficult. Criteria for selecting a particular drug for a particular patient and start taking it, not well defined. The study involved a large number of people is not enough, and the research itself was short-lived. In the past, the indications for pharmacotherapy of obesity were significantly less stringent than in the past 10 years 7.

7). The use of drugs is effective only in combination with a specially designed program for weight loss. That is, patients receiving only drugs without the use of other methods to reduce and maintain weight, such as changes in behavior, diet or exercise, subject to all the risks associated with the use of these drugs, but do not receive sufficient benefit from them.

The effectiveness of drug treatment of obesity
Drugs for the treatment of obesity

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