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Methods of diagnosis of diseases of lower extremities

At the beginning of the doctor conducting a general study of health, inquiring about how the disease began, how it progressed, complaints, and the presence of harmful habits. Be sure the measurement is blood pressure and biochemical blood tests. The doctor also conducts determination of the pulse at certain places the feet: it is over ankle and foot, in the popliteal fossa and on his thigh. The doctor not only determines the frequency of the pulse, but also its quality. Additionally, a doctor conducts special tests to determine the nature of blood flow in the lower extremities.

Measurement of ankle-arm index - is the measurement of blood pressure on the shoulder and ankle. Normally, the pressure in these places is the same. Narrowing of the arteries of the lower extremities in the ankle pressure is lowered.

Doppler ultrasound - a noninvasive method for diagnosis of vascular disease (arterial or venous) with ultrasound. The method is based on the physical phenomenon of Doppler is used to identify the level of narrowing or blockage of blood vessels

Duplex ultrasound scanning - also one of the diagnostic vascular disease (arterial or venous) by ultrasound, but with more features

Computerized axial tomography

Magnetic resonance angiography

Contrast angiography

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