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Side effects of painkillers for breast cancer

Side effects of painkillers for breast cancer

Drowsiness is one of the significant side effects of drugs. It manifests itself in the form of a sharp fatigue throughout the day.

Sleepiness can be reduced in several ways:

If you are taking short-opioids, try to take them in small doses, but more often. It usually appears less drowsiness than if you take these drugs at a higher dose.

Try to avoid other factors that lead to sleepiness: dehydration, overeating (especially the use of meat, cream), a habit for a long time to be in bed.

Depression can also cause drowsiness and fatigue. In this case, effective antidepressants.

Try to keep the environment was not a depressing or sleepy. Let your home be full of light.

Maintain an active lifestyle: Read newspapers, magazines, solve crossword puzzles and even desirable to do the same, and mental activity.

In patients with bone metastases may show elevated levels of calcium in the blood, which is also cause drowsiness, confusion and constipation. In this situation it is recommended to check the level of calcium in the blood.


Constipation is also one of the most common side effects of both the pain and the use of narcotic drugs. In addition, the cause of constipation may be a lack of physical activity, depression and stress. Crowded gut itself may also exacerbate other symptoms of the disease. During long-term constipation may be nausea.

Constipation usually come in 100% of opiates and they require treatment. As soon as you start taking narcotic medications, to simultaneously start taking laxatives, stool softener and improve intestinal function.

Another important aspect in the prevention of constipation is an adequate fluid intake. It is recommended must be included in the daily diet of fibrous foods such as bran, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

In case of delay in stool can start to use laxatives (guttalaks, Dulcolax, Senado bisacodyl). The ineffectiveness of these funds, you can try to rectal suppositories, extract of senna or lactulose. Effective as the use of vegetable oils (sunflower, olive).

In the event of failure of all these funds and long-term absence of the chair, the latter may harden, resulting in formation of fecal stones. In this case it is sometimes necessary to resort to medical intervention, in which the masses are released, these hardened finger, lubricated in glycerin.

Once the intestines emptied in this way, try to stick to a diet with a coarse-fibered foods, such as food, irritating the intestinal wall and stimulates its work. In addition, it is recommended to constantly take laxatives to avoid stagnation of intestinal contents.


Nausea is also one of the major side effects of painkillers. Nausea may be a result of chemotherapy, as well as be caused by constipation. In mild nausea only its manifestations may be loss of appetite or weight in the abdomen. If you have mild nausea can come the urge to vomit.

If vomiting interferes with the normal reception of medicines, it is necessary to take anti-emetics in the form of rectal suppositories.

Nausea can pass itself if there is addiction to painkillers. Either have to change some anesthetic drug that causes severe nausea. If this drug is very effective in coping with the pain, you should continue taking it, and in addition to it taking antiemetic drug. You can discuss this with your doctor.

Nausea that occurs during radiation therapy, can be prevented by antiemetic drugs: torekanom or Compazine for an hour before irradiation.

In addition, currently there are sophisticated new drugs, Zofran and Kytril so. Natural means to deal with mild nausea, it may be noted ginger: ginger ale, ginger tea with the addition, etc.

Dry mouth

Dry mouth can be a side effect of opiates and antidepressants. Typically, over time, its manifestations are reduced, but some degree of dryness may be the time.

In order to reduce the appearance of dryness in the mouth, it is recommended:
Continuing to carry a bottle of water.
Avoid a diet of dry food.
During the meal is always drinking water.
For the production of saliva can chew gum or suck on candy.

Retention of urine

Large doses of narcotic painkillers lead to the appearance of urinary retention. To combat this effect must be taken to reduce the dose of drugs.

Sometimes have to use urinary catheter. It helps restore the ability of self-urination.

Respiratory depression

Respiratory depression. This side effect is characteristic of high doses of opiates. When expressed as respiratory depression, which is already causing anxiety, drug use, which blocks the action of drugs - naloxone.

Among the side effects of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are the following:

Irritation of the gastric mucosa. This leads to the development of the so-called gastropathy (sometimes referred to as a patient with gastritis). In severe cases, ulcers can occur even accompanied by bleeding. At constant chronic administration of these drugs is recommended to take them after meals, preferably washed down with mineral water. Sometimes you have to assign to protect the gastric mucosa drugs such as antacids, such as almagel 1 tsp In gastric ulcer, these drugs are not desirable.

Bleeding. All drugs of this group have a similar mechanism of action. One of its effects is a bleeding disorder, that is, its decline. This leads to bleeding, as well as dangerous in cases where a woman has recently been bleeding elsewhere, such as hemorrhagic stroke or bleeding stomach ulcer. Incidentally, the effect of this group of drugs used to prevent blood clots (varicose veins, thrombophlebitis).

In some cases, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may be allergic.

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