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Diagnosis of anal itching

Diagnosis of anal itching

Diagnosis of anal itching is simple, because the itch at the same time - the only complaint the patient. But for a correct diagnosis is also important to identify and cause of the itching, but it is not an easy task.

In the diagnosis of anal itching can be used virtually the entire arsenal of research in proctology, as well as other methods:

External examination. On examination of the anus doctor can detect some anal itching causes, such as hemorrhoids, anal fissure, warts, the presence of fungal infections of the skin and other skin conditions, including allergies.

Anoscopy and sigmoidoscopy. These methods allow the doctor to see what is "happening" in the lumen of the patient's rectum. Thus it is possible to identify many conditions, such as polyps, internal hemorrhoids, proctitis or proctosigmoiditis, etc.

Digital rectal examination. This method makes it possible, first of all, evaluate the function of the anal sphincter, as its loss leads to fecal incontinence - one of the causes of anal itching.

It is important to survey patient and figuring out what has caused the appearance of anal itching. For example, if it increases after ingestion of alcohol, spicy or salty foods (which may be a sign of inflammatory diseases of the rectum).

The doctor finds out whether the work is not related to the patient harmful external influences such as chemicals, radiation exposure, work in conditions of high temperature and humidity, etc.

It is mandatory that the analysis of feces, including ova. It turns out the presence of the patient or his relatives diabetes, fungal infections of the skin, as well as constipation and diarrhea.

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