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Methods of diagnosis of breast cancer

Methods of diagnosis of breast cancer

Diagnosis of Breast Cancer - a comprehensive research method. It consists of a fairly extensive list of diagnostic methods that are used in modern medicine, and, in particular in oncology. Before the diagnosis of breast cancer are the following:

  • Detecting cancer at an early stage when successful treatment is easier to hold.
  • Help your doctor to choose the most appropriate treatment strategy.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the treatment and its results.

Many of the tests and methods of research conducted over several months. Diagnosis of breast cancer should answer two basic questions:
  • Whether invasive or noninvasive tumor?
  • Whether the tumor has moved to neighboring lymph nodes and, if so, to what amount?

The manifestations of breast cancer may be as different as it is women themselves who suffer from them. Diagnosis of breast cancer conducted to determine the size of the tumor, the presence of regional and distant metastases, the overall condition of the patient, to determine the degree of invasiveness of the tumor characteristics of the speed of its growth. In addition, the diagnosis is to identify those parameters of the tumor, such as:
  • The size of the tumor
  • Her stage
  • The state of hormonal receptors
  • Manifestation of HER2-oncogene
  • Boundaries dictated by resection of the tumor.

Together with the analysis and other methods of research conducted and the assessment of the overall condition of the patient's body: cardio-vascular system, blood, respiratory and other health settings.

In this section you will learn about all methods of diagnosis of breast cancer. On each technique, testimony to her about how it is spent and which gives the results will be discussed in detail in each section.

Diagnosis of breast cancer consists of two stages:

Primary diagnosis - the so-called screening diagnostics, which include such methods to identify the primary changes in the breast, without specifying their nature. This, in particular, breast self-examination by the woman, as well as individual examination by physicians of different specialties (surgery, mammalogists, oncologist, endocrinologist, etc.) are dissolved. In addition, the screening methods of screening mammography refers. Note that the screening methods of diagnosis are usually performed in women with no obvious signs of changes in the mammary glands. These methods are carried out regularly, and their purpose - early diagnosis of breast disease.

more precise diagnosis - a diagnosis of this type are those methods that allow you to have purposefully look for certain changes in the breast, to clarify their nature, the nature and prevalence. These methods are also used to monitor the effectiveness of treatment. These techniques include computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, biopsy of all kinds, etc.

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