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lumbar puncture

lumbar puncture, Ultrasound of the brain

One of the methods of diagnosis of brain tumors is electroencephalography (EEG). This method is somewhat similar to electrocardiography. It consists of recording the electrical potentials of the brain over time. EEG is performed with the use of special plates that are superimposed on the patient's head, or needles, which are introduced into the brain. These potentials can detect pathological foci of impulses in certain parts of the brain.

Lumbar puncture

This diagnostic method is that the doctor uses a special needle takes a small amount for the study of the cerebrospinal fluid - the cerebrospinal fluid. Further, the fluid is sent for analysis, in which a physician attempts to detect abnormal (tumor) cells, or any specific matter.

How is the lumbar puncture

Lumbar puncture is usually performed with the patient lying on his side with his feet pressed against the abdomen, or sitting. The puncture is usually performed in the area between the 3rd and 4th lumbar vertebrae. The region of the needle treated with an antiseptic.

Next, conducted anesthesia. Usually this is used novocaine. After anesthesia the doctor takes a different needle, thicker in diameter and with a stiletto. The needle is slowly injected between two vertebrae, and then penetrates the dura mater in the space surrounding the spinal cord. In this space there is liquor. Next, the doctor removes the stylet, and cerebrospinal fluid enters the tube itself, or is pumped with a syringe.

It should be noted that many patients are afraid of lumbar puncture, believing that her doctor may damage the spinal cord. However, this is not true, because at this level of the spinal canal of the spinal cord is not.

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