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Hypothyroidism - a clinical syndrome in which the reduced or completely absent thyroid function.

Hypothyroidism can be:

Acquired Hypothyroidism occurs much less frequently. On the extent of damage are distinguished:
  • primary (thyroid embriopatiya - aplasia, hypoplasia, dystopia, a violation of the biosynthesis of thyroid hormones, endemic iodine deficiency, surgery on the thyroid gland, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, inflammatory and tumor-like thyroid disease, poorly controlled tireostaticheskim therapy drugs)
  • secondary
  • Tertiary (birth trauma, inflammatory traumatic brain injury, brain tumors, operative and radiation hypophysectomy)
  • peripheral (the peripheral metabolism of a violation of thyroid hormone resistance of tissues to hormones terioidnym).

For congenital hypothyroidism is characterized by lethargy, drowsiness, poor weight gain, umbilical hernia, delayed physical and sexual manifestations are razvitiya.Rannimi large birth weight, the prolonged jaundice. During the first three months of life, there are non-specific symptoms: poor appetite, difficulty swallowing, bloating, dry skin, deep voice, large tongue, difficulty in nasal breathing, nasal breathing tendency. Serum TSH levels increased and decreased levels of T4. Body proportions in children with hypothyroidism are close to those in chondrodystrophy, lags behind the development of the facial skeleton, delayed dentition and tooth replacement.

Embriopatii thyroid gland - developmental defects caused by embryogenesis. The following types of embriopatii: median cysts and fistulas neck, thyroid dystopia, the added thyroid tissue.

Acquired hypothyroidism has a similar clinical picture to that of congenital hypothyroidism, however, its expression is generally lower. When acquired hypothyroidism mental development of children is almost not affected and with adequate replacement therapy is not far behind in child mental development of their peers. The main method of treatment of hypothyroidism, regardless of form of the disease remains a constant life-long treatment with thyroid hormones.

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