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Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle ... Yes, yes, the one which for decades tirelessly tell us doctors, and advocates that we all become so lazy, postponing it until next Monday ... And why is it suddenly become so fashionable to live a healthy lifestyle, even glossy magazines must allocate page or two to enrich our knowledge of what products will not settle down in your precious body of harmful cholesterol, and what exercises will make you a hardy and will save from a premature heart attack?

It turns out that the main purpose of the active modern man - this is to live to a hundred years in a clear mind and sound body, and still getting pleasure from it! Scientists have found that this is possible under the four fundamental factors of a healthy lifestyle - diet, exercise, mental state and social relations.

About the enormous importance of a rational diet, while respecting a healthy way of life, no one probably would not argue. Lovers of good and plenty to eat waiting for inevitable retribution in the form of numerous diseases. The food is very closely connected with the metabolism, which supports the fine regulation of the balance of a healthy body. Therefore, all the nutrients have to do is balanced so as not to violate this regulation.

And first of all, a healthy diet should be balanced in content of protein, fat and carbohydrates. The qualitative composition of the food must meet certain requirements - need to eat less sweets and fats, and more - fruits, vegetables and foods rich in vitamins. In large amounts are harmful lard, butter, eggs, meat, sour cream, mayonnaise, cheese, margarine, bakery products, particularly yeast.

Here to help extend the life of such healthy foods like prunes and dark plum, dark grapes, various beans, tomatoes, beets, apples, black currant and chokeberry, cabbage, eggplant and dark, dark cherry and black cherry, spinach, artichokes, raspberries, pomegranates, grapefruit, strawberries, cranberries, blackberries, garlic, onions, tea, cocoa, nuts and various kinds of most greens. Believe me, the taste for natural, fresh and full of vital elements of the food will give you strength and health.

And of course, do not forget the blessed least - better get up from the table a little hungry than perenasytivshimsya. No need to load your body with unnecessary calories, which were immediately restock your body fat. And if these stocks are already such that instill respect for all others unknowingly, it is worth remembering diet. Better, of course, abide by it under the supervision of a physician, with strong nutritional knowledge to achieve a truly significant result and save it for a long time.

And last but not least, to lose those extra pounds at a pace that is correct in terms of medicine, or with thinness and you'll get a lot more health problems, which is more precious, as you know, do not! Such a diet should lead to the fact that the body will do a minimum of fat and carbohydrates, as long as the body does not burn the food of these factors, it will not accept for its own fat.

And there is already seriously need to think about the calories and even find them, because the diet should provide the state of energy deficit, that is, dominance over consumed calorie expended. For as long as the energy coming from food, enough to cover all the energy, the body will not accept for the oxidation of the internal energy content, that is fat.

But protein should be a lot, because in a complete or partial deficiency of protein the body immediately taken for their own tissue - muscle, liver, immune cells. Do not forget enough vitamins and minerals, or in their absence, there are diverse and highly undesirable metabolic disorders. And the fundamental point - the diet must be such that its principles may be a milder form, easily observed, and in the future to keep the result.

Now let's talk about such an indispensable component of a healthy lifestyle, like exercise. They maintain the necessary level of energy, and the body makes a strong and sturdy. Here - the full expanse of your imagination - walking, running, skiing, cycling, sports, swimming, gymnastics, dance and even a massage. The main thing in exercise - regular and sufficient intensity - at least 3-4 times a week, in a good size and the optimum load.

If you do not know where to begin, start with a simple walking - fast, at least 100 steps per minute, no less than 4-6 km. More effective energy consumption is climbing stairs. Almost every citizen has the opportunity several times a day to do it, but do not use the elevator. Again, walking up the stairs must be at least 20-30 minutes, at least up to 5 floors, the number of ascents and descents - 16-18. You can run, and - best slow and long, jogging, start training at a distance of 500-600 meters (120-130 frequency of steps per minute), increasing the distance of 100-200 m each week. The optimal length of the race for women - 2-3 km. In the winter instead of running better than skiing, then you can gradually increase the distance of 10-12 km and more.

Healthy lifestyle necessarily imply an active social life that consists of interesting activities, a wide circle of friends, travel, giving you a lot of thrills. Do not be afraid of changing the world, learn it yourself, try to monitor the use of high technology and new techniques. Intelligent power will only help your brain is not "idle" to a venerable age, he did not become a doddering fool.

Clearly, all this is not fun to do alone and with family and friends, so look for and find your love and create a happy family in which you want to live in a natural way many, many years.

If we talk about the mental component of a healthy lifestyle, the notorious toxic stress our lives, should not be afraid, if they occur in the short term. Such pressures lead only to enhance the vitality and increase the duration of human life. And if you ever want to be active and healthy, constantly keep a positive attitude to reality, to smile more and learn to be content with their lives!

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