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High Cholesterol Values

Today, every man is himself the value of the normal level of cholesterol in the blood. However, many of us though it still will not try to regulate your cholesterol levels, dieting does not lead a sedentary lifestyle, smoking. All this eventually leads to atherosclerosis and its manifestations in the form of heart disease and blood vessels.

It is important to maintain blood cholesterol levels are normal. High cholesterol and low density lipoproteins are a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease, leading to paralysis, blindness, or speech impairment due to stroke and even death due to rupture of the aneurysm.

All human vascular system consists of arteries and veins. The wall of the healthy, uninjured atherosclerosis even and smooth. But with age, usually on the wall of blood vessels begin to deposit plaques consisting of cholesterol, calcium and fibrous tissue. These plaques gradually narrow the lumen of the artery, disrupting blood flow to them. At a certain degree of narrowing of blood vessels begin to show signs of certain diseases, depending on the localization of atherosclerotic plaques.

The main diseases that develop in atherosclerosis:

Peripheral arterial disease: mainly atherosclerosis of lower extremities. It occurs in violation of the normal blood supply to tissues in the deposition of atherosclerotic plaques on the inner walls of arteries. If you do not treat the disease, it leads to disruption of blood flow in the tissues of the lower limbs to necrosis and ulcers. In the end, there is a necessity of amputation.

Carotid artery disease: these include the cerebral circulation. Carotid arteries supply blood to the brain. In atherosclerosis on their inner wall formed plaques. This leads to a narrowing of the lumen, resulting in an impairment of cerebral circulation. It manifests itself in memory impairment, some of the functions of the brain, functions of the cerebellum. In a sudden there is infringement of blood circulation stroke.
Aortic aneurysm: aorta - the main vessel in the body. From his blood from the heart goes to all the other organs and tissues. When the wall of the aorta atheromatous plaques are deposited, it becomes thin and loses its elasticity. Constant blood flow at high speed in this situation leads to a stretching of the wall of the aorta, the aorta becomes ballonoobrazno extended. This expansion may rupture, causing a massive internal bleeding, from which there is death. In addition, severe and dangerous complications of the risk stratification of aortic wall, this leads to disruption of blood supply to tissues and organs.

Cholesterol in their chemical composition - sterol: a steroid and an alcohol compound, which is a lipid found in cell walls of all animal and human tissues. The name "cholesterol" comes from the Greek lobby - bile and stereos-complete. For the first time cholesterol was found in gallstones in 1784. Cholesterol is found in large quantities in tissues with high fat content of the liver, spinal cord and brain, as well as in atheromatous plaques. Cholesterol plays a central role in many biochemical processes, but the more he is known in combination with heart and blood vessels.

Cholesterol does not dissolve in blood, but combines with proteins, is transported in the form of lipoproteins. Elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood is called hypercholesterolemia.

Which products contain cholesterol?

Cholesterol found in animal fats. The main sources of cholesterol - it's eggs, beef and poultry. In the vegetable fats (oils) contains almost no cholesterol. For example, in one egg contains as much cholesterol as 9.6 liters of peanut butter.

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