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Gynecology - Gynecological diseases

Gynecology - Gynecological diseases

Gynecology (from the Greek. Gyne, genitive gynaikos - a woman and from the Greek. Lógos - word, study), the science of anatomy, physiology, physical and mental characteristics of the woman and their violations. Because a woman's life play an important role sexual function - menstrual, childbearing, and others, Gynecology in the narrow sense - the doctrine of the physiology and pathology of female genital mutilation, prevention and treatment of diseases of female genitalia.

Modern gynecology is a difficult and complex discipline that protects the health of the woman throughout her life. This branch of medicine includes a children's gynecology and gynecological endocrinology and treatment of inflammatory and infectious diseases, and family planning, contraception and issues, and management of patients with menopausal age selection regime of hormone replacement therapy, and treatment of urinary incontinence. We should also note the treatment of cervical cancer, gynecological oncology.

Modern methods of diagnosis in gynecology (laparoscopic, ultrasound, x-ray, laboratory tests) can detect gynecological disease at an early stage and carry out their effective prevention and treatment.

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