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Gonococcal conjunctivitis

Gonococcal conjunctivitis

Gonococcal conjunctivitis or blennophthalmia occurs in contact with mucous eyes Neisseria gonorrhea.

Gonorrhea is a fairly serious eye disease. The danger of this disease is the possible damage to the cornea gonococcus. Gonococcal conjunctivitis ill adults, children and infants. In adults and children infected most often occurs when the drift of infection in the eye of the hands of patients with genital mutilation, the use of common towels and bed linen.

Newborn babies are infected by a sick mother at birth during passage through the birth canal. Newborn blennophthalmia usually occurs to the second-third day of life. Eyelids swell dramatically, becoming bluish-purple. Edema of the eyelids is very tight. A child can not open my eyes. On examination, we must make the effort to lift the lid. At the same time from an eye implies copious discharge colored meat slops. The mucous membrane is expressed in red, bleeds easily when touched. In the further course of the disease edema of the eyelids becomes less dense, and the discharge from the eye acquires a purulent character.

Gonoblennorei danger is damage to the cornea. In marked swelling of the eyelids is compression of the cornea and the violation of its power. At the slightest damage to the cornea and is easy to arise festering sores. Corneal ulcer may increase in size in width and in depth, lead to perforation of the cornea and penetration of infection into the eyeball. If inflammation develops all of the eyeball (purulent panoftalmit), it faces the eyeball atrophy with loss of vision in that eye. Purulent corneal ulcer may also heal with the formation of corneal opacity (cataract). Fortunately, such complications are rare.

In adults blennophthalmia proceeds is even harder. In addition to the manifestations of the eyes, there are fever, joint damage, muscle and cardiovascular system. More often than adults gonorrhea occurs in one eye, but the complications of the cornea and the whole of the eyeball are much more common. This leads to the formation of large leukomas and loss of vision in the affected eye. In older children, as well as in adults, usually one eye is affected, but the complications are fewer, though still more than in the newborn. To confirm the diagnosis gonoblennorei conduct laboratory research conjunctival sac separated from the presence there of gonococcus.

Gonoblennorei treatment.

In order to prevent gonoblennorei all newborns rubbed his eyes with a cotton swab with a disinfecting solution and instilled into the conjunctival sac of each eye, one drop of solution of sodium sulfatsil. Instillation was repeated in 2-3 minutes.

For the treatment of gonorrheal conjunctivitis patients assigned inside antibiotics in age-appropriate. Eyes repeatedly washed with an antiseptic solution and the solution was instilled penicillin, other antibiotics or sulfatsil sodium. At night in the cavity of the conjunctiva lay ointments with antibiotics. Treatment is continued until the disappearance of gonococci in smears from oral conjunctiva.

With timely treatment, recovery occurs over several days and serious complications can be avoided. Prevention gonoblennorei is early diagnosis and treatment of gonorrhea genital hygiene measures.

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