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Frustration drives

Disorders of habits and impulses - disorder, characterized by the desire to commit any act, master mind, intellect, and subordinating his patient's behavior. They are perceived as alien to the majority of patients, absurd, painful condition.

Impulsive actions are implemented without a struggle of motives and internal resistance. Only in some cases may present conflict of motives, which may last from several seconds to several hours. However, despite attempts to distract from the emerging desires, inner tension, which requires the immediate discharge, patients increases, followed by implemented some form of attraction. Following the implementation of short-term relief comes.

The emergence of desire may be accompanied by a feeling of acute embarrassment, disturbance of consciousness.

Among the attractions of the most common are:

kleptomania - the desire to steal, the purchase of unnecessary ill veschey.Obychno steal items that they are not needed for personal use or value of the material that is not important to them. For the patients have a sense of tension immediately before committing theft, a sense of relief and satisfaction after.

pyromania - the desire for arson. Patients re-commit arson with no apparent motive, such as getting money, revenge or political extremism. Usually the patients revealed an increased interest in the form of fire. Before setting fire to a building tension and after there is a strong excitement.

pathological attraction to gambling - continued involvement in gambling is going on and often deepens, in spite of the social consequences, such as poverty, violation of family relationships and the complete destruction of his personal life.

trichotillomania - an irresistible urge to pull out hair. Most often the disorder occurs in females in childhood and adolescence. Trichotillomania often combined with other forms of manipulation of hair - from the twitching of a finger, and wrap your own hair, pull hair to any and all eating up fluffy hair (trihofagiya). In the latter case often requires surgical intervention.

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