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Chronic inflammatory diseases of the larynx

Chronic inflammatory diseases of the larynx

Chronic catarrhal laryngitis. Disease in most cases is the result of an acute inflammation of the mucous membrane of the larynx. Individuals whose profession is connected with the load on the voice box (singers, readers, lecturers, etc.), the main cause of this disease is its long-term strain. Are important occupational factors (dust, pollution of premises).

Constant feature is a disorder of the larynx golosoobrazovatelnoy function in the form of voice fatigue and varying degrees of hoarseness. Complaints of dryness, constant foreign body sensation throat, causing coughing or coughing.

Chronic hyperplastic laryngitis. Characterized by various hyperplasia of the mucous membrane of larynx, the prevalence of differentiated limited and diffuse disease. The main complaint is the hoarseness or even aphonia, which is caused by uneven thickening is usually the vocal folds or vestibular folds of irregular phonation. Acute exacerbations join complaints and symptoms of catarrhal laryngitis.

A variety of hyperplastic laryngitis is a warty thickening of the squamous epithelium in the form of a cup-like protrusion that is located in space and mezhcherpalovidnogo dubbed pachydermia. Hoarseness usually occurs when the hypertrophic process in the vocal folds .. In singers, readers and others often occur one or two small genital bulge the size of 1-2 mm, symmetrically arranged on the free edges of both vocal folds. These "singing" nodules are fibrous formation.

Chronic atrophic laryngitis. Etiologically related to the pathogenesis atrophy of the nasal mucosa and pharynx, and in some cases, it develops after undergoing diphtheria or scarlet fever. Terms of dust and gas environment contribute to the development of mucosal atrophy of larynx as well as smoking alcohol misuse. Patients complain of dryness and sore, foreign body sensation, progressive dysphonia. If you are coughing up sputum streaked with blood due to violations of the integrity of the epithelium of the mucous membrane of larynx at the time of the cough impulse.

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