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Chronic tonsillitis

Chronic tonsillitis

Preconditions for the emergence and development of chronic tonsillitis are anatomical and topographical and histological features of tonsils, the presence of conditions in their lacunae vegetirovaniya microflora disturbance of biological processes and protective-adaptive mechanisms in mindalikovoy tissue. Lowering the overall and local reactivity, often associated with cooling or deterioration of the body's resistance after previous infection (sore throat, measles, scarlet fever, etc.) is often the primary causal factor in chronic tonsillitis.

In chronic tonsillitis the tonsils revealed about 30 combinations of different microbes, but deep divisions often found monoflora - various forms of streptococcus, staphylococcus.

The most common chronic tonsillitis starts after a sore throat. At the same acute inflammation in the tissues of the tonsils does not undergo complete regression of the inflammatory process continues and becomes chronic.

In rare cases, chronic tonsillitis begins without preceding angina. Emergence and development of its often contribute to a permanent autoinfitsirovanie of chronic foci of infection (carious teeth, chronic inflammation in the nasal cavity, sinuses, etc.)

The most reliable sign of chronic tonsillitis are frequent sore throats in history. Patients' complaints are usually not expressed sharply: bad breath, a sense of embarrassment or a foreign body in throat on swallowing, dryness, stinging, etc. Many patients with angina than in history, no complaints.

Faringoskopicheskimi signs of chronic tonsillitis are local manifestations of long-term inflammation of the tonsils. At external examination, the tonsils are determined hyperemia edges of the palatine arches, valikoobraznoe thickening edges of front and rear arches, especially in the upper parts of them, swelling of the upper front and rear arches. Frequent symptom of the disease are seam welding and palatine arches with tonsils and a triangular fold. Tonsils in chronic inflammation of them can be loosened, especially in children.

An important and one of the most common symptoms of chronic tonsillitis is the presence of pus in the gaps of the tonsils, sometimes has an unpleasant odor. We must bear in mind that in normal tonsils contain epidermal plugs that are difficult to distinguish from the pathological.

Among the local symptoms of chronic tonsillitis is quite often an increase in regional lymph nodes, located along the front edge of the sternocleidomastoid muscle. Increase and tenderness of these sites indicate a high activity of inflammation in the tonsils.

Along with chronic tonsillitis in a patient may be other diseases that are classified as dual or concomitant (nephritis, infectious arthritis, rheumatism, etc.).

Chronic tonsillitis should be differentiated from tonsillar hypertrophy, benign and malignant tumors, chronic pharyngitis, tuberculosis, tonsils, tonsils, fungal infection, secondary changes in tonsillar tissue with mononucleosis, agranulocytosis and other blood diseases.

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