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Cerebral angiography

Cerebral angiography - a method of X-ray study of cerebral vessels. For the first time cerebral angiography was performed Egasom Moniz in 1927. To date, the method of cerebral angiography was the gold standard in the study of the state of cerebral vessels.

The method of cerebral angiography to visualize space narrowing or blockage of blood vessels of the brain, to identify abnormal enlargement - an aneurysm (which are dangerous because they can suddenly rupture, causing intracerebral bleeding occurs), and brain tumors.

The technique is cerebral angiography is similar to other methods of angiography. Feature of this method lies in the fact that the catheter inserted into the bloodstream via the femoral artery, is applied to the carotid artery. Then, after a vascular bed is introduced contrast agent, is a series of x-rays. After the contrast passes through all tissues, again, a series of images to assess the venous outflow of blood from the brain.

The method of cerebral angiography in its information content greater than computed tomography and magnetic resonance angiography (MRA). In addition, this method has an advantage over the above-mentioned methods is that while it is possible for surgery. For example, the detection of aneurysms is not installed in a special metal "filling", and then spreads around the connective tissue, which leads to the closure of the aneurysm.

As to all other methods of angiography, performed necessarily allergic tolerance test of contrast material.

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