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Barley - is an acute purulent inflammation of the eyelash follicle or sebaceous gland, the duct which empties into a bag of hair eyelashes. Barley causes most staph. Contribute to the emergence of the disease weakening the body's defenses during prolonged inflammation, chronic diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, lesions of worms. Styes often occur in patients with diabetes mellitus.

Barley can be single or multiple, one or both eyes. Sometimes during the barley can be recurrent in nature, when styes occur several times a year for several years.

At the beginning of the disease the patient has swelling in the small area of the century. Then the swelling is red, the size of its increase. At the heart of education is eyelash. The eyelid may swell. Appears soreness. After 3-4 days the tip of the swelling gets yellowish, then breaks and the pus out of it is allocated. After this, the patient's condition is improving rapidly. 

Under no circumstances should the abscess can not be squeezed out. If you try to squeeze an abscess, purulent contents may spread to the eyelid. There may be a century abscess, abscess century, cavernous sinus thrombosis and even purulent meningitis.

Sometimes referred to as barley staphylococcal purulent inflammation of the glands meybomievyh - meybomit. This results in swelling of the cartilage in the depths of the century, which in purulent fusion of breaks usually on the inside of the century. You may experience multiple meybomita.

Treatment of barley.

In the initial stages of the disease is sometimes enough local burns 70% of th alcohol or a solution of brilliant green. In the cavity of the conjunctiva or lay buried albutsid tetracycline ointment or eritromitsinovuyu. Assigned to physiotherapy. Typically, treatment of barley is not a major problem, all patients recover quickly.

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