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A biopsy of the breast

A biopsy of the breast. Operational and non-immediate biopsy

Mammology - Breast surgery 

Such methods of diagnosis, as mammography and ultrasound can not, unfortunately, to assess the nature of the changes in the tissues of the breast. To determine the malignant or benign tumor, can only biopsy.

A biopsy is usually an outpatient procedure, meaning it can be done in the doctor's office. Depending on the type of biopsy done for its implementation can be used in anesthesia, or it can be done without anesthesia.

First of all, the purpose is to biopsy revealing benign or malignant process. A biopsy is the removal of certain pieces of altered breast tissue, or whole tumor formation and its subsequent histological examination under a microscope.

In addition to cancer biopsy can identify and benign changes in the mammary tissue. These changes include cysts (thin-walled cavity filled with fluid), intraduct papilloma (wart like a little education, which fills the lumen of the milk duct) and the tumor, representing fat necrosis (necrosis of fat cells of the breast, often occurring after injury).

 Before the biopsy, the patient usually goes the other methods to help you initially find out what is the volume and distribution of pathological changes. This is usually mammography and ultrasound, rarely other methods. Initially, the doctor with these methods determine exactly where the tumor is, how deep, in which area of the breast.

For deep-lying tumors, biopsy is often performed this procedure is performed under the control of X-ray or ultrasound.

Methods of biopsy may be non-operational and operational.

 For non-operational methods include the so-called needle aspiration biopsy in which a small number of suspicious area of breast tissue is taken with a syringe and needle. This method has as its advantages and disadvantages. The benefits include the fact that it has less impact stress to the patient, does not damage the skin. In addition, it does not remain after the internal scar tissue in the breast, which is very important in the conduct of mammography in the future, as this scar can interfere with normal decoding results. Aspiration biopsy is also characterized by a minimal risk of complications.

However, non-operational method of biopsy does not always produce reliable results, such as operational, which is important for definitive diagnosis. Therefore, the patient, the last non-operational method of biopsy in the future have to go and quick method.

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