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Pain in bone metastases

Pain in bone metastases

Pain in the bones and joints may be a result of the treatment and receiving medication, the source of which is not a tumor, or as a result of metastatic spread of cancer to the bone.

Pain with metastases to the bone

In the propagation of bone metastases, they usually cause pain. The most effective method for this is exposure to space radiation metastasis. This not only reduces pain but also to stop the growth of the tumor and reduce it. This treatment is successful in 85% of cases and is not associated with characteristic side effects of opiates, like constipation, nausea or dry mouth.

If there are metastases in the bone tissue diffusely, that is not in one place, but once in many, the pain stopped by the usual anti-inflammatory drugs or opiates. It is very effective systemic therapy - chemotherapy or tamoxifen. Subjected to irradiation with one or a few metastases in the bone tissue. Irradiate all areas, unfortunately, is impossible, as it is fraught with the development of radiation sickness.

In diffuse pain in the bones are also effective drugs of bifofonatov: Zometa and Areda. These drugs are used to recover the mineral composition of bone tissue and strengthen it, preventing the development of fractures. In addition, to reduce the pain of bone metastases enables immobilization of it - immobilization. For this purpose a special bus.

Pain in the nonneoplastic nature of the bone

In some cases, pain in the limbs may be noncancerous origin, to the point of attachment of muscles to bones, muscles themselves. Breast implants may also cause pain in the ribs by squeezing them.

Chemotherapy can also cause pain in hands, hips and legs. These feelings arise when receiving chemotherapy and may worsen with each cycle. This pain can last for months or even years after treatment, but sooner or later it will pass. Usually this pain associated with nerves, muscles, joints and ligaments. She stopped by antidepressants and anticonvulsants, and anti-inflammatory and narcotic.

Treatment with tamoxifen may result in pain similar to arthritis pain, and stiffness. Joint pain and non-tumor (metastasis) respond well to heat, massage and swimming.

Pain in the armpit, the breast and chest

After surgery, some women felt strange combination of feelings of numbness of the skin and pain in the armpit and breast cancer, where surgery was performed. This is due to the fact that the small section of skin damaged nerves. This also leads to numbness and pain resulting from irritation of the nerves endings. Radiation exposure can also exacerbate this condition, since it irritates the skin and its nerve fibers. As soon as these nerve fibers are restored, as there is irritation and tingling in the place where it was cut.

In this situation, anti-inflammatory drugs are usually effective. When expressed pain and used opioids. In case of irritation of the skin by radiation effective to use hydrocortisone cream.

Pain in the underarm area after surgery can last for quite a while. At the beginning of this pain can be acute. More pain creates drains that are in the wound. Usually after the operation immediately appointed opiates, as at this moment the pain is most significant. If necessary, appointed by the opiates in combination with anti-inflammatory drugs that can reduce the dose and reduce side effects. Gradually over time the pain in this area is reduced, there may be numbness and itching.

Aside from those two groups of pain medication, which we have already pointed out, stop a pain for pain associated with damage to the nerves, and other methods are used:
  • Tricyclic antidepressants,
  • Anticonvulsants
  • Local anesthetics (EMLA cream or patch with lidocaine)
  • Sometimes it helps to use pepper patch
  • Nerve blocks.

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