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Meniscal cyst

Cyst - a fluid cavity formation, in other words, the bubble with the liquid meniscus in the thickness of the knee joint. This disease occurs in young adults and middle-aged people. It is believed that this kind of reaction in the menisci chronic overloading of the joint prolonged exposure to heavy physical exertion. This, for example, sports or carrying heavy loads. More mobile lateral meniscus is affected 7 times more likely than less mobile medial (inner) meniscus.

In the meniscus tissue is enhanced production of thick mucus - mucoid material. It builds up, stretch fabric and turns into a meniscal cyst. Sometimes the cyst is formed at the edge of the meniscus and is parameniskalnoy.

Meniscus, which was formed cyst may rupture even with minor exertion. Patients complain of pain occur when walking, aggravated by increasing the load on the knee joint. On the anterolateral surface of the joint swelling revealed a size increase in flexion of the knee.

The tumor is painful at palpation, tight. If the cyst of the lateral (outer) meniscus there is a long time, it gradually leads to a degenerative bone condyle of the tibia. There is a deforming arthrosis of the articular surface in this place. Arthrosis deformans of the tibia condyle detected on radiographs and is - a symptom of Rauber-Tkachenko. The inner or medial meniscus is affected less, and it breaks do not occur often. In this case revealed swelling in the inner surface of the knee, most of its posteromedial surface.

The diagnosis of meniscus cysts are established on the basis of magnetic resonance imaging or arthroscopy and ultrasound knee.

Treatment of cysts of the meniscus. The patient is recommended to reduce the physical strain on the joints. If you experience pain and analgesics are assigned non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (diclofenac, piroxicam, nimesulide, etc.).

Remove the meniscus a cyst surgically, but the removal of the cyst with the meniscus is fraught with rapid progression of degenerative joint disease and the development of deforming arthrosis of the knee joint. Therefore, operation of choice is now considered an endoscopic arthroscopy.

Resorting to the removal of parts of the meniscus, which developed cystic process parameniskalnuyu cyst removed or cut through, so that the cyst was of outflow into the joint cavity. In this way, the best results are achieved.

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