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Diagnosis of renovascular disease

In addition to general and biochemical blood and urine tests, the main research methods and evidence are instrumental methods:

Ultrasonic methods of research, such as a Doppler study, duplex examination, allowing to see the level of narrowing arteries or veins, the presence and localization of atheromatous plaque or thrombus, and also see the very structure of blood vessels.

Angiography - This method also allows you to see the structure of the vessels and their narrowing. To do this, through the femoral artery catheter, which is fed into the abdominal aorta, above the place of origin of the renal arteries. After that, through the catheter and contrast material is a series of x-rays.

Spiral computed tomography - a method of obtaining images of fibered tissues using X-rays followed by treatment with it on your computer.

Magnetic resonance angiography - a method that uses the energy of electromagnetic waves in a strong magnetic field, which allows to see the structure of tissues, including blood vessels.

Radionuclide study - with a special blood is injected radioactive drug that is spread throughout the body, then using a special apparatus investigated the density of its absorption by various tissues, such as the kidney, the rate of its excretion in the urine, etc.

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