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Diagnosis of brain tumors

Diagnosis of brain tumors

At the present time, due to the rapid development of both science and medicine, in particular, the diagnosis of brain tumors has become much easier and more accurate. However, despite this, still, to this day the very first method of diagnosis if the doctor suspects a patient with a brain tumor - a neurological examination.

The aim is to test the neurological examination functions of the organs, which are responsible for the activity of different brain regions. That is, when the doctor checks the patient's eyes with light bulbs, it checks not the organ of sight, and that part of the brain that controls eye movement, its structures and is responsible for the perception of the image.

The study of reflexes

You will, for sure, once in your life the doctor had once banged his knee a special hammer. With this study, it checks the status of reflexes. Reflexes - it's involuntary movements that occur automatically in response to a given stimulus. In addition to knee-jerk there are many other reflexes (pupillary, corneal, gag, etc.). It should be noted that the reflections associated with the contraction of muscles responsible centers located in the spinal cord. But such reflections as corneal, pupillary, etc. made part of the brain. With the defeat of certain areas of the brain tumor, respectively, will suffer certain reflexes.

The study of hearing

For the hearing test is applied is a simple device like a tuning fork. This method allows to detect damage to the nerves that go from the hearing organ to the brain.

Investigation of tactile sensitivity

To investigate the tactile sensitivity is usually used a sharp object, for example, blunt needle. By lightly pricking the doctor determines the sensitivity of the patient, the zone of loss or breach.

The study of movements

In this study, the doctor asks the patient to move the tongue, head or facial muscles (eg, smile), or move his arms and legs. With the defeat of certain brain structures observed violation of the movement.

The study of coordination

A typical method is to study the coordination test for standing with eyes closed, with outstretched arms, or asking the patient to reach the tip of the nose with his finger with his eyes closed.

The next step is to study the brain X-ray examination. At the present time to examine the brain for suspected tumors did not apply a simple X-rays, and such modern methods such as computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. These methods are more accurate than x-rays, as are handled on a computer, but most importantly - they allow you to explore the tissues, including the brain, layer by layer.

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