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Сhronic otitis

Сhronic otitis

Chronic otitis media usually develop from acute, but sometimes from the outset can take a chronic course. In these cases, dysfunction of the auditory tube does not occur immediately, but gradually (especially in chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract).

At the heart of adhesive process leading role played by various inflammatory middle ear disease and pathological processes of the organization of content in the tympanic cavity. The development of adhesions in the middle ear is not only a violation of the auditory tube patency, but the stiffness and ossicular chain, causing deteriorating hearing.

The leading symptoms of otitis media are hearing loss and noise in the ear. The main complaints of patients are:
  • obstruction of one or both ears and hearing loss
  • feeling of heaviness in the head
  • noise in the ear
  • syringmus (resonance of his own voice in the diseased ear).

Pain in the ear is usually not. Often, patients show a sense of shimmering liquid in the interior of the ear with tilt and swivel head. The degree of hearing loss depends on the number and consistency of transudate and its pressure on the eardrum.

Otoskopicheskaya picture of the disease rather characteristic. The eardrum is cloudy in appearance, sharply drawn. The short arm of the malleus is clearly defined, it appears shortened grip hammer. Excessive development of scar tissue in the tympanic cavity and the membrane can lead to its deformation.

Scars are often as close flap mouth auditory tube, completely disrupting its permeability. With such a scarring of the tympanum occurs ankilozirovanie joints between the auditory ossicles, there is stiff footplate in the window arches. When thickening and suction of air in the outer ear through the funnel can be seen limiting the mobility of membrane or total immobility.

When the adhesive otitis media, as a rule, there is a violation of sound conduction. However, more long-term period can be broken and zvukovospriyatie.

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