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Depression and suicidal behavior

Relationship of depression with a high risk of suicide is well known. Suicides committed about 15% of patients. In Russia in the last decade has sharply increased the frequency of suicides. Patients with depression account for 32-47% commit suicide. Among these men are 2-4 times more than women. The most common method of suicide was poisoning.

Higher suicide risk in psychotic depression and anxiety, as well as mixed states, with a combination of depressed mood with a feeling of hopelessness, restlessness, and impulsivity.

Of great importance in the formation of suicidal tendencies is social and personal factors related to the environment. Depressed patients commit suicide - mostly single people, supporting a formal interpersonal contacts. Often preceded by the formation of suicidal behavior deaths of relatives in family conflicts.

Along with depression, a major factor in suicide risk, especially important in the elderly, are chronic physical illness.

The first act of a general practitioner if the patient has thoughts about death, much less suicidal tendencies - is the immediate direction of his to a psychiatrist. The doctor must recognize the clinical signs of suicidal behavior.

Especially great difficulties arise when worn somatisation, masked depression and dysthymia. Some patients may hide for a long time thinking about suicide, dissimulirovat. When questioning a patient the physician should carefully specify whether the patient feels that life has lost meaning for him. Do you have a desire, in the evening going to bed in the morning did not wake up. Ponders whether he means suicide. Great help in determining the risk of suicidal behavior can serve as the data on suicide in the family and the patient's immediate environment.

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