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Cryptorchidism - a relatively common abnormality in children, characterized by the absence of one or both testicles in the scrotum.

The basis of cryptorchidism is dysfunction of the reproductive system as a whole, as expressed in the primary lesion of the testes and the latent insufficiency of the hypothalamic-pituitary system. Delay of testicular can occur on the way to the physiological lowering (in the retroperitoneal space - abdominal cryptorchidism or inguinal canal - inguinal cryptorchidism) or out of the way (ectopic testis). When ectopic testicle is located under the skin of the perineum, abdominal wall or thighs, etc.

If there is no constant false cryptorchidism testicular fixation in the scrotum. In the absence of one or both testicles scrotum tightened notes, missing testicle can usually palpate through the abdominal wall, to bring down the course of the inguinal canal or scrotum. Sometimes eggs can not be determined.

Perhaps a combination of cryptorchidism with inguinal hernia.

Severe complications of cryptorchism are malignant degeneration of testicular torsion and impairment of undescended testicle in poslepodrostkovom age - hypogonadism and infertility.

Treatment of cryptorchidism in complicated surgical cryptorchidism and ineffective hormonal treatment. Hormonal treatment begins with infants.

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