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Creeping ulcer of the cornea

Creeping ulcer of the cornea

Creeping corneal ulcer caused by ingestion of corneal tissue pneumoniae or, rarely, staphylococci, streptococci and other microorganisms.

Conditions for the penetration of these organisms are created by damaged corneal foreign bodies (small particles, whiskers cereals, husks, leaves, pine needles). At the site of injury appears infiltration (thickening), usually grayish-yellow color. He soon breaks up and forms an ulcer.

Features of this ulcer is that it has two different edges:

One of them is regressive - it is a clean and slowly heals.

The other edge is progressive - it raised the wall, beneath the superficial layer of corneal tissue is a thin strip of pus. This region extends ulcers generally toward the center of the cornea. An ulcer is moving, crawling.

Thus, ulcers can spread to the opposite edge of the cornea. Usually involved in the process and iris. Changed its pattern and color.

In severe cases the cornea becomes thinner at the bottom of the ulcer and its inner wall, which is very strong and elastic, bulges outwards under pressure inside the eyeball as puzyka called descemetocele.

If the inner wall can not withstand ragovitsy and ruptures, infection of creeping ulcer can get inside the eye and cause inflammation of the inner shell and the contents of the eye that can lead to the outcome of atrophy of the eyeball and vision loss. But, in most cases, ulcer healing. After it is formed on the cornea clouding rough.

Treatment of creeping ulcer of the cornea.

A patient with corneal ulcer creeping must necessarily be admitted to the ophthalmology department hospital. Being actively treated. Of ulcers in the study is taken and examined the contents of the smear and culture performed on the sensitivity to antibiotics.

Appointed by the broad-spectrum antibiotics, and taking into account the sensitivity of detection of the microorganism in the form of burial, laying ointments, subconjunctival injections. Applied ophthalmic drug films.

Performed the surgical site cleansing ulcers, kriofermentoapplikatsii, lamellar keratectomy, readjustment of foci of infection in the eye.

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