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Complications of hypertension

Complications of hypertension

Hypertension is dangerous precisely because of the complications that can often be fatal. If it does not cause such complications, it in itself does not cause hypertension have an interest. Because of all the unpleasant feelings that are inherent in high pressure, we can note only a headache.

Unfortunately, hypertension is accompanied by various complications and comorbidities. Among them:

  • Atherosclerosis. Hypertension may be a risk factor for atherosclerosis - the disease, in which the blood there is a high level of LDL and very low density, as well as the formation of the arteries atheromatous plaques. This, in turn, contributes to the further development of hypertension.
  • Heart disease. Hypertension contributes to the risk of myocardial infarction, since it is a risk factor for atherosclerosis and contributes to the narrowing of the coronary arteries that feed blood to the heart muscle.
  • Diseases of the nervous system. These include conditions such as stroke, chronic cerebrovascular accident, etc.
  • Kidney disease. Hypertension is a major cause of kidney disease, including renal failure, which is associated with blood circulation in them.
  • Blurred vision. As we have said, the hypertension is accompanied by blood circulation in the retina and optic nerve (the nerve also receives power from the very small arterioles!).
  • Diabetes mellitus. Hypertension is a risk factor for many complications of diabetes such as diabetic foot, retinopathy (retinal disease), etc.
  • Pre-eclampsia. Pre-eclampsia - a condition typical of pregnant women with symptoms of preeclampsia (toxemia). Hypertension may be a sign of this serious complication.
  • The metabolic syndrome. This is a group of conditions associated with obesity, elevated blood pressure, blood sugar levels, the risk of myocardial infarction and stroke.
  • Erectile dysfunction.

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