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Classification of hemorrhoids

Classification of hemorrhoids

By the nature of the flow hemorrhoids can be acute or chronic. The shape of the following types of hemorrhoids:

  • Internal hemorrhoids
  • External hemorrhoids
  • Combined hemorrhoids

Chronic hemorrhoids

Chronic hemorrhoids characterized by the fact that the very symptoms bother the patient continuously, periodically sharpening (even then it is an aggravation of hemorrhoids).

During chronic hemorrhoids are four stages:
  • At this stage the observed minor changes in the ligaments of the rectum, which is responsible for the retention of hemorrhoids in the anal canal, that is, loss of hemorrhoids is not marked. First stage is usually manifested recurrent bleeding related to trauma units during bowel movements.
  • At this stage, changes in the ligaments of the rectum are expressed in such a degree that is marked loss of hemorrhoids in the act of defecation, but they reduce a the anal canal.
  • In this case the bleeding may or may not celebrated.
  • The third stage is characterized by a chronic hemorrhoid such changes on the part of the rectum that has precipitated nodes themselves do not reduce a, and the patient is forced after each act of defecation reduce a their own.
  • At the last, fourth, stage of chronic hemorrhoids have stated a permanent loss of hemorrhoids, and straighten them back is almost impossible. This is associated with marked changes of the ligaments of the rectum.

Acute Hemorrhoids

Acute hemorrhoids - is usually a complication of chronic. In its severity it is divided into three stages. In the first degree of acute thrombosis of hemorrhoids hemorrhoids noted without inflammation, the second - with their hosts thrombosis inflammation. The third level is characterized by acute widespread thrombosis hemorrhoid hemorrhoids inflammation of subcutaneous fat, skin and perianal edema in, some cases, necrosis of the mucous hemorrhoids.

For hemorrhoids are usually characterized by periodic flow, ie, the period of exacerbation and remission.

Internal hemorrhoids

If there is an internal hemorrhoid varicose veins hemorrhoids, which are deep in the anal canal, so the usual examination, such hemorrhoids are not visible. In order to see them have to resort to special methods of investigation: anoscopies, rectoscopy. Also, these nodes can be identified and digital rectal examination.

Internal hemorrhoids may bleed during their traumatizing at the time of the act of defecation. When a significant weakness of the ligaments of the rectum such sites fall during a bowel movement or significant straining. In addition, internal nodes, with their loss, and spasm of the anal sphincter may be diminished. The most common internal hemorrhoids bleeding manifests itself.

External hemorrhoids

 With this type of hemorrhoids are marked on the outside and they should not be confused with internal hemorrhoids dropped out. The most common external nodes appear thrombosis. Bleeding from the external nodes, usually does not happen, since the defecating, they are not injured. But the permanent stagnation of blood in them can lead to the formation of blood clots. Externally, the outer hemorrhoid can be of various sizes, from 3 mm or more, depends on its blood supply. The external hemorrhoid, usually covered with leather, while the internal host had fallen - the mucosa anal canal.

Combined hemorrhoids

As the name implies, the combined hemorrhoids in a patient holds a combination of external and internal hemorrhoids.

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