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Cervical erosion - Diagnosis, Treatment

Cervical erosion - Diagnosis, Treatment

Endo Cervicoz, pathology, better known among the women as cervical erosion, and ectopia, the so-called pseudo-refer to the underlying diseases, which have resulted in some cases develop malignant tumors.

Erosion and pseudo quite common and very tricky, because only in rare cases do not come in the form of leucorrhoea discharge and pain in the abdomen. More often, until the disease is not passed in the running, pre-form and the bleeding does not appear, they are not worried about the woman. And it is time, alas, does not pass much-needed treatment. And when it came bleeding, there is a threat to life and require surgery.

Erosion of the cervix - a violation of the integrity or modification of the vaginal epithelium of the cervix. When viewed through the mirrors determine the areas of bright red color around the external os of the cervix. To better understand the causes of erosion and ectopias, I remind you, as arranged in the uterus. This organ is located in the pelvis between the bladder and rectum. The uterus is pear-shaped plate-shaped and consists of the bottom (top, like a dome), a massive body of triangular shape, a cylindrical neck, communicating with the vagina.

Cervical canal, located in the neck, connected to the cavity of the uterus. Unchanged from the cervix of healthy women of reproductive age is covered by two types of mucosa. The outer surface - smooth, shiny, pale pink, lined by stratified squamous epithelium, that is, the surface layer of cells that lines the wall of the vagina. It is durable, contains substances necessary for life of lactic acid bacteria that live in the vagina of healthy women. Inside - the cervical canal leading into the uterus. It is lined with another kind of epithelium - secretory or glandular, bright pink, velvety. This epithelium produces mucus that fills the cervical canal, necessary for the movement of sperm into the uterus. Thus, the cervix has two important functions: a barrier to infection in the upper parts of the genitalia (uterus, epididymis) and is involved in the process of fertilization.

Among the diseases of the cervix a true erosion occurs infrequently. Literally, the word "erosion" - "plague" in other words - a defect of the epithelial sheets. The formation of this defect may be due to inflammatory diseases of the cervix (often viral, herpetic origin), its traumas and chemical barrier contraceptives, due to inept douche. Ulceration is formed and when the cancer process. Significantly more often (in 10-15% of women of reproductive age) in the cervix formed pseudo or ectopia. It is characterized by proliferation of the secretory epithelium of the cervical canal beyond the outer surface of the cervix, which is usually due to the instability of hormonal puberty. By itself, ectopia - benign or, as doctors say, the background state. However, it is fraught with the danger of complications.

Complications of cervical erosion:

First, cervical ectopy becomes a "gateway" for chlamydia, gonococci, herpes simplex virus, because the secretory epithelium does not have a protective function.

Second, in the acidic environment of the vagina it can not long exist, and thus gradually begin the process of "self-healing" ectopic, that is, replacement of the secretory epithelium of the same - a flat multilayer. However, this complex multistep process is not always benign. "Healing" ectopia - a favorite place of human papilloma virus. Sexually transmitted, it causes various diseases of the cervix - from simple flat warts to precancerous lesions (epithelial dysplasia) and cervical cancer.

In view of these reasons, the ratio of doctors to ectopia of the cervix is always cautious. Only young, parous women with uncomplicated ectopia doctor can wait, constantly watching the "self-healing."

Diagnosis of cervical erosion

Endotservikoz and the doctor can easily diagnose ectopia with vaginal mirrors, as the damaged epithelium is clearly different from the normal epithelium. There are many types of erosion: glandular, papillary, and so on. According to statistics, for example, often ends in papillary carcinoma. It is therefore important to find out as soon as possible the nature of erosion. To do this, examine the cervix special magnifying instrument colposcope, like a microscope on a tripod. Today, this device has many regional clinics.

It should also cytology (when the surface of cervical smears taken and examined under a microscope) and histological study. Histological, unlike all of the spend in hospital for two to three days. To do this, women cut off a tiny piece of the damaged epithelium and examined to determine whether there was malignant degeneration. The results of the biopsy can definitively clarify the diagnosis and determine the choice of treatment.

Treatment of erosion

When, after a careful study of the survey diagnosis, erosion and pseudo-treated by ambulatory methods, which appoints a gynecologist. Only in rare cases, the disease is itself, as the stratified squamous epithelium, in principle, has a tendency to recovery.

As the prevention of erosion and pseudo recommend that all women aware of personal hygiene and twice a day, wash thoroughly with soap and water. Keep the toilet on the genitals do not forget your sex partners. Keep in mind that a change of sexual partners, among other things, leads to a change in vaginal flora, increasing the risk of disease. Remember that the presence of pus in the semen can also cause men erosion. Use contraception to avoid unwanted pregnancy and abortion, which will inevitably hurt the cervix.

Treatment of cervical erosion:

Diathermocoagulation ("moxibustion"), with high temperatures - the old, traditional method. At the present time is mainly used to treat benign ectopias in parous women. The consequence may be diathermocoagulation loss of elasticity of the cervix, which is unfavorable for the upcoming birth. Duration of healing - from 8 to 10 weeks.

Cryosurgery - a more gentle method of treatment of ectopia by acting on pathologically changed part of the liquid gas. The negative side of cryosurgery - freezing the risk of insufficient tissue, causing the death is not provided all the abnormal cells. Duration of healing - as 8-10 weeks.

Treatment with laser surgery - the most efficient and modern method of treating diseases of the cervix (from ectopias and flat warts to precancerous conditions and early cancers of the cervix). This light scalpel provides brewing of small vessels, high-precision cutting, maintenance of healthy tissues, and healing occurs more rapidly without the formation of rough scars. Laser equipment is costly and requires specialized knowledge of staff, so this method is used in major medical centers. Duration of healing - 4 to 6 weeks.

After any of the three manipulated a certain period can not be sexually active: it can be resumed in about a week before the end of healing. When is it? In each case, it solves the treating physician. Once treatment is practiced ectopia and erosion of the cervix swabs with various medicinal substances - rosehip and sea buckthorn oil, an emulsion sintomitsinovoy, etc. Such a method has not justified itself and now does not apply. The exception is the treatment of tampons with vagotilom and other means of causing chemical degradation of the affected tissue, but it is inferior to diathermocoagulation, cryosurgery, and even more so - the use of a laser.

And above all, dear women, be sure to visit the gynecologist every six months. If one day you have been treated for erosion or pseudo, it is not a reason to avoid the recurrence of a pelvic exam may occur at any time.

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