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Causes of vascular disease of the upper extremities

The main cause of vascular disease is atherosclerosis of the upper extremities.

However, they occur in other states:

Buerger's disease - an inflammation of small blood vessels and nerves in the hands and feet that occurs more often in smokers

Takayasu's disease - an autoimmune disease that often affects Asian women. Autoimmune means that the patient's immune system begins to fight against his own body

Raynaud's disease - a condition where there is a high sensitivity to the cold finger

Since being named systemic collagenosis - lupus, scleroderma and rheumatoid arthritis
Embolism when a blood clot from the heart gets into the hands of the arteries and their occlusion occurs

In rare cases, causes vascular disease of the upper extremities can be frostbite, radiation treatment for breast cancer, repetitive trauma.

Risk factors for vascular disease of the upper extremities include smoking and age over 60 years of age, cholesterol and blood pressure.

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