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The influence of genetic factors on the development of obesity

The influence of genetic factors on the development of obesity

The development of obesity affect both genetic factors and lifestyle. It is established that a genetically caused more than 40% variability constitutional features. Obesity is most likely a multfaktornym disease: more than 250 genes, markers and chromosomal regions responsible for the development of obesity in humans. The clinical significance of each combination of factors is not completely clear. To date, examined the role of some individual genes in the development of obesity: mutations in the genes of leptin, leptin receptor, the precursor to the hormone convertase 1 proopiomelanokortina, melanocortin-4 receptor and SIM 1.

These studies, though not always, help to understand the molecular mechanisms regulating energy balance in humans. Of great importance in genetic predisposition to a particular disease is the variability of genes, leading to dysfunction or the protein encoded by this gene. In particular it concerns the variability of genes causing obesity. There are several gene mutations (changes) that can cause obesity. These mutations are most often contribute to the development of diabetes of the second type, and other endocrine diseases.

Obesity in the carriers of all the above mutations associated with overeating. People just do not get a signal on the adequacy of energy storage in the form of fat in fat cells. But if a mutation in the leptin corrected by injections of the protein is missing, in the presence of mutations in all the other genes required correction of food intake by all known methods, including using rapid methods.

Unfortunately, to date, not all identified genetic susceptibility factors that influence the development of obesity. Not found, and also mechanisms for effective correction of genetic mutations. However, current knowledge can help predict the possibility of each kind of conservative or surgical treatment. Analyzed for mutations in a patient in one of these genes will select a group of people for whom treatment should be immediate and drastic. However, such widespread obesity in the last 20 years can not be explained only by the influence of genetic factors, and is also the result of the influence of lifestyle.

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