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Cancer prevention

Cancer prevention

The development of any cancer associated with exposure to both environmental factors and the peculiarities of the organism. Fortunately, the genetic predisposition to cancer - a relatively rare phenomenon, and it does not guarantee binding of tumor development, particularly in compliance with the basic principles of prevention.

Who has the greatest risk of disease? How to reduce risk? To answer these questions need to remember what the most common tumors of the factors which cause the greatest risk of their development.

If you take all the cancer, the first among the main reasons is improper diet (35% of tumors), and the second place belongs to smoking (30%). That is, 2 cases of cancer are caused by these three factors. Next, in descending order followed by the significance of viral infections, ionizing and ultraviolet radiation, a sedentary lifestyle, occupational carcinogens, reproductive factors, alcohol, air pollution.

Principles of food may reduce the risk of cancer:

Prevention of obesity. Experiments have shown that consumption of more calories leads to an increase in the frequency of tumors. Explanation for a lot and not in last place is the "metabolic immunosuppression". And more. The incidence of some cancers is inversely proportional to the physical exertion, which, inter alia, leads to a waste of calories.
Reducing fat intake from food. Epidemiological studies and animal experiments suggests a direct relationship between consumption of fat and the incidence of breast cancer, colon and prostate. Recent data have convincingly demonstrated the paradoxical fact that the main cause of obesity is not so much in the consumption of excess carbohydrates as in the consumption of excess fat. In the breadcrumbs become fat it is almost impossible, but on the cake, containing a large amount of fat in the cream and cake - easily. If you try to combine the many well-known principles of losing weight, then we get the following picture. Kremlin diet leads to weight loss in part due to the fact that eating lots of fat can not be without bread, but this diet excludes carbohydrates almost. The principle of separate food, fashion at the end of the last century, eventually becoming "useful" is almost the same reason as eat lots of cheese without anything, or just a sandwich without the bread, too hard. Many exotic diets are usually made either way, just to reduce the total caloric intake, or substantially limit it. It turns out that the main thing - to restrict caloric intake, which is most effectively reduced by reducing fat intake.
Inclusion in the daily diet of fresh fruits and vegetables provide vitamins and certain chemicals - anti-carcinogenic, which reduces the risk of tumor development.

Consumption of foods rich in fiber, pectin, fetatami - whole grain cereals, vegetables and fruits. Insoluble fiber reduces the duration of digestion, and therefore reduces the contact between carcinogens and the cells of the intestinal mucosa. Consumption of foods rich in fiber, pectin and fetatami also leads to non-specific binding of carcinogens (like activated carbon).

Limit consumption of alcoholic beverages. Excessive alcohol consumption (more than 50 ml per day in terms of pure alcohol per adult male) leads to an increased risk of developing cancer of the oral cavity, esophagus, liver and breast cancer.

Limit consumption of smoked and nitrite-containing food. Smoking contributes to the formation of carcinogenic substances in food, mainly due to the formation of the strongest carcinogen - benzpyrene. In addition to smoked benzpyrene can accumulate in the annual leaf crops (lettuce, cabbage, greens), fish in the pond, prunes, and even potatoes. Therefore, it is essential that the product has been grown away from avtrostrad, CHP, or steel mills - the main sources of benzpyrene. Trying to neutralize benzpyrene in the body leads to the formation of more toxic substances - dialkogolepoksida that can directly damage DNA. The interaction of nitrite with proteins in acidic environments, such as the stomach, a highly carcinogenic nitrosamines are formed. It is therefore necessary to reduce the consumption of nitrate and nitrite (especially dangerous taking them with food against the backdrop of the protein to reduce the consumption of vitamin C and increase the salt in the diet). Nitrosamines appear in dark beers, fried and smoked meats, sausages, smoked fish or fish from the muddy waters.

Smoking and cancer

It's no secret that smoking is determined not less than 80% of cases of lung cancer. But not everyone knows that smoking also contributes to the development of cancer of the gastrointestinal tract, breast and other organs. The reason is simple - the chemical and physical carcinogenic factors are most intense in the smoker's lungs, but can get up phlegm and saliva to the gastrointestinal tract and affect the entire body. Each pack of cigarettes gives a dose of radiation for at least 8 microsieverts, which is comparable to the dose from a single image on a digital fluorograph. It turns out that a smoker than consumption of chemically hazardous substances dooms itself to the equivalent of 365 X-rays a year.

As for the remaining factors, the recommendations are clear: to strengthen the immune system, lead an active life, less sunbathing (15 minutes a day is enough). Performing these simple rules will allow approximately 10 times lower risk of developing tumors.

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