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Anomalies of the penis

Anomalies of the penis - Congenital phimosis

Congenital phimosis. Congenital phimosis is called congenital narrowing of the foreskin. At the same time uncovering the glans penis becomes impossible. Physiological narrowing of the foreskin is present in the majority of newborn boys, but within two years of life, the head of the penis increases in size and physiological phimosis disappeared.

If there is a narrowing of the foreskin between the inner surface of the foreskin and the glans penis smegma accumulates - the substance of gray-yellow in color. In the smegma can reproduce various microorganisms, and there is inflammation in the prepuntsialnom bag. After the inflammation and scar formation of adhesions, there is a pathological phimosis. At the same time the head of the penis can not be completely naked. Such a condition may be accompanied by a violation of urination, the urine can be allocated a thin stream. A child may be afraid of urination. Are prerequisites for the course of chronic infection.

Treatment of congenital phimosis.

Treatment of physiological phimosis is not required. Accumulated smegma should be removed. If there is an inflammatory process, exposing the glans penis, smegma is removed, the head smeared with petroleum jelly. Within 3-4 weeks of the child are doing sit-bath with 0.1% solution of potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate), head of the penis at the same time reveal.

If you have phimosis and expressed inability to expose the glans penis is held circular excision of the prepuce.

A short frenulum of the penis. Too short frenulum of the penis may prevent exposure of the glans penis. In adult patients, it can stretch during erection and may lead to curvature of the penis.

Treatment of short frenulum of the penis operative. Cut the bridle in the transverse direction, and then stitched in the longitudinal direction. Sometimes a short frenulum breaks during sexual intercourse itself.

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