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What is angiography?

Angiography - a method of X-ray blood vessels (arteries, veins, lymph), indicating narrowing or blockage of the place of the vessel, place and degree of pathological vascular dilatation (aneurysm), the presence of internal bleeding, the extent of tumor and other diseases that are identified by others can not. The study is performed by introducing into the vessel of a special contrast agent, and both of the x-ray studies. The main component of X-ray contrast agents used for angiography, is iodine.

The purpose of angiography

The method of angiography used to detect pathology of blood vessels (arteries, veins, lymph), which include vasoconstriction (stenosis) or blockage (occlusion). This method is commonly used to detect atherosclerotic lesions in blood vessels, the diagnosis of heart disease, assessment of renal function and to identify them in cysts and tumors, to detect aneurysms - pathological dilatation of vessels, tumors, blood clots, arteriovenous shunts (abnormal adhesions arteries and veins) in brain, as well as for diagnosis of diseases of the retina. In addition, angiography is used as a method of preoperative investigations before surgery to open heart and brain. In addition to the above, angiography found its use in diagnosing the injury of the vessel with stab and gunshot wounds.

Limiting the use of angiography

Patients with kidney disease are at risk of negative effects on their function radiopaque. The method of angiography may be contraindicated also in patients with coagulation disorders, if they have allergic reactions to contrast material or iodine. At present we produce new types of contrast agents that do not contain iodine and having a lower incidence of adverse allergic reactions.

Because exposure to ionizing radiation adversely affects the fetus, angiography is not recommended for pregnant women.

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